2nd Sept FOX – Race reminder

A mail with rules reminder, password, and starting grid has been emailed to all members who joined the event of Wednesday, 2nd September. This is the first race of this new season of trophies… good luck to all.


  1. sermilan sermilan says:

    Maurizio, I will not try to overtake you before T1 in lap 1. Just try to go through there as fast as you can so we could avoid possible hits from behind :)

  2. Lysergic lysergic says:

    Everybody MUST be very careful on first turn. Racers that cause accidents can be disqualified for the next race.
    I wish this league to be wreckers-free. I see lot of fast racers, they may be also intelligent. I hope ;)

  3. Maurizio N. says:

    Ok sermilan.
    I wish you and all driver a good race.

  4. Neil says:

    Argh. Not happy… My ISP seem to have dropped the ball badly on the traffic management of LFS-related network traffic, so I was totally laggy and had to give up tonight :-(

    Hope you other ppl enjoyed the race anyway!

  5. sermilan sermilan says:

    Sorry to hear that Neil :(

    I had very nice race. I decided to change the tires in the pits and that was a good thing to do, in my opinion. But I went farming in T1 in one of the laps and lost about 10 secs. Anyway, that brought a good fight with CR|Eisbaer in the last few laps. Caught him a few times, but lack of downforce in the corners just disable me to find a good place to overtake, while Naselli was struggling with the tires in the front, I think….

    Anyway, thanks everyone for a very nice and clean race. All of the guys that I was lapping were fair, so many thanks for that!

    See you all on the next track ;)