AMT Wlayco (again)

Dan Vs.

Wlayco made a mistake in the chicane and then decided to vear across the road to stop spdoReno getting past, taking him out in the process. Look at the angle of his car – he is not recovering from the incident, its a deliberate vear across the road into Reno. I think its pretty hypocritical of Wlayco given the amount of lip he was giving others for mistakes.

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  1. WlayCo WlayCo says:

    Nice… So, you saw that better then Reno itself? Great… I am not sure what happened there in that moment but i will take a look.

    Btw. is there a place where i can find some replays?

  2. WlayCo WlayCo says:

    Dan, my friend, you don’t know anything. Did you even watch the replay from my car or your statement is based from your view only? “Angle of my car?!?” Yes i made a mistake and i hit the wall there. I was bounced from the wall on the track and Reno was at full speed. I was bounced bact on him man… Look at the replay!!! I can not believe for what are you make a protest?!? And why you, why not Reno? What do you want from me? I can not believe it… Who ever take a look at the replay he will know the situation… No more comments. C,c,c,…. Unbeliveable…

  3. «SS»Dan says:

    yeah, i watched it a few times from multiple angles. you hit the wall and instead of being careful recovering and avoiding an accident, you were happy to drive across the track to try and stop Reno passing you. Instinctive rather than premeditated, but just shows the sort of person you are. Or perhaps you just were incredibly careless, but I don’t think you’re that bad a driver. But either way – deliberate or careless, those actions should be punished.

  4. WlayCo WlayCo says:

    :) i dont want to argue with such an amater like you. I said what i said…