AMT Wlayco

ScorpioGT Vs.

Lap1 – After T1, i had a lateral contact with PLZ Razgriz, and almost lost control, AMT Wlayco was back and didn’t even try to brake or lift the gas. He kept full throttle and i spun on the grass, restarting from 23st place when i was 5th in the quali.
That’s a shame!

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  1. It was in the middle of a big crash also if his throttle fully pushed I don’t think it’s so guilty, better: he is as guilty as many others. I saw very unfair behaviour by other racers (… Trane)

  2. Yann Laprevotte says:

    He just couldn’t avoid you. Maybe from your point of vue it might look bad, but fdon’t forget that he was surrounded by a big pack of cars, he just couldn’t make a big move to avoid you, plus the fact that T1 often means a loss of fps, especially when there’s 22 cars on the grid, so it’s really hard to have a fast and coherent reaction.

    Also, I was involved in a very similar incident than you on the same corner(I was hit by PLZ-Alexio when I was sideways, a bit like you, and that sent me into the grass), but I didn’t even complain about that, because I do know that he couldn’t avoid me, so I think that shows that I’m totally sincere when I’m saying that.

    So, I voted for “innocent”.

  3. WlayCo WlayCo says:

    Ok, i will look at it when i get back home from work and then i will comment…

  4. WlayCo WlayCo says:

    There was absolutely no way that i could avoid you. Sorry but i think that it was no my mistake , you were allredy spinning…

  5. ScorpioGT ScorpioGT says:

    I see there was no way to avoid me, cos you also have a car on the left, but you didn’t even try to brake….

  6. Wait so that was why i got punted off the track on the first corner. -_-