AMT>>WlayCo Wrecking(1)

Y.Laprevotte Vs.

You can get the replay of the race here :

AMT>>WlayCo wrecked Core K. O’Keefe on lap 8(15:40), got him spinning a few seconds later(15:43), wreck him later on lap 9(17:55), shifted+p at 21:00 and then rejoined(despite it’s clearly forbidden). Why? To wreck O’Keefe again and again ! Indeed, he clearly waited for him, to wreck him once again at 23:30 23:47 and 23:59. this got O’Keefe out of the race, and also ruined the poor R4F Freestyle’s race.

This guy’s behaviour is a lot worse than Trane himself. That’s why I’d only be satisfacted if he got banned.

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  1. vule vule says:

    Wlajco is obviously guilty, but he was provoked by the aggressive O’Keefe. O’Keefe is a good driver, but by the past should be more respect colleagues. I will not submit your complaint because it is fun to flying. O’Keefe knows about what I think. Pass two runners on the descent is impossible. O’Keefe to apologize if my statement in the second race, the cause of the interruption of further competitions. And I was provoked your attempts. Not a fun race on the way so. It is best to forget all this and continue on. But this is all just fun. Can win only one, but not at any price.
    So enjoy the racing. If you are too nervous ……………. drink beer and have fun :)

    Sorry for my bad English

  2. WlayCo WlayCo says:

    You can all judge but only after you sit in my car and watch replays from quali and race 1 then. You will understand then. I am not asking much.

    Quali: i went first he is second. Before first HL he is always pushing me and kicking from behind. Why didn’t you make some space so we can all drive our HL? Nooo he is right behind me and in T1 he is inside and pushing me and of course he ruins my HL so i have decided to ruin his.

    Then he was mad that i was better on quali that he is and in LAG LAP he kicked me so hard again in T1. I said to him that if he does that in real race i will be hard on him. Well he didn’t do that in T1 lap 1 but he did it later. He kicked and pushed and i admit i did the same. After so many pushes and kicks he hit me hard once more and i ended on roof. After that i , of course , did the same thing to him.

    Do not judge untill you see it all, specially you Yann.

    Nothing more to say to others.

  3. Yann Laprevotte says:

    Is that a reason to wreck him to death, and also to ruin Freestyle’s race?

    If aggressing someone else is the only thing you can do when you are provocated, the you must have a lot of problems in real life IMO.

    But, yeah, I agree on the fact that Kenneth is a bit agressive sometimes, but this will NEVER justificate revenge wrecking. I have more than 70.000 kilometes online here, and to be honest, if I’ve seen this kind of behaviour on some low servers such as CTRA 1, but I NEVER seen that on league racing, despite I’ve raced something around 140 league races until now. And I’m also extremely astonished to see it coming from someone that belong from a big and respected team like AMT. Also, I’m absolutely chocked that you don’t even feel sorry 11 hous after.

    Don’t worry, I know what Kenneth did, and I know his driving style very well. I saw him pushing you a few times indeed, but seiously, what’s the point at holding the lead of the pack at all cost during qualyfing?

    Well, seeing your actions, I just think that you cannot handle the low pressure(the first time you knocked Kenneth, that was only 3 minutes after the start of the qualyfing session!) of such a small league that is the FRL. In my opinion, you should better take a long break before touching the wheel again.

  4. WlayCo WlayCo says:

    So you stil did not look at the replays and stil talking? I though you are smarter…

    I will never feel sorry for him. I have ruined only his race not to all of drivers there, and yes it was a payback. He deserve it. Why dont you ask him all these questions? Why he could stay behind and start his HL lap alone? But nooo, he want to overtake before quali even starts with hitting also.

    You can defend him as much as you want but he is guilty and you just dont want to believe in that.

    I am telling you for the last time, sit in my car and watch the replays from quali and race 1. I will never let anyone to act towards me like he did.

    One of the reasons he is not showing here is because he knows that he is sooo much guilty for last night. I just dont get it why are you so much defending him and still he is the one who ruined your race when he hit you under the brige…

    Go get a room…

  5. Yann Laprevotte says:

    Eh? Stop lying please. YOU are the guy that hit me under the bridge. See the replay. I do think it’s a racing incident, but please at least assume the fact that our two cars contacted here, whatever whose fault is it, and in fact I don’t really care about it. kenneth was on our left, and didn’t take part in the incident.

    Also, just see the last wreck you did, it sent Freestyle into the barriers.

    Please stop arguing with me, guy. You are a wrecker, just face the truth. No matters how the others drivers behave. And wreckers haven’t their place here.

    PS : Sorry for these sad words everyone.

  6. WlayCo WlayCo says:

    I thought you are smarter but i was wrong… You and your friend are the same…

    And you are right about one thing. Wreckers haven’t their place here… That’s why Core O Keefe is not here…

  7. Yann Laprevotte says:

    First of all, “Core O Keefe” isn’t my “friend”, and I think you will be surprised if I say that I used to have a some problems with this guy during the old CTRA days. I know that he had a rather poor behaviour last night, and I won’t defend him for that.

    You then might ask yourself why I didn’t reported him. In fact, I do not care if someone has a rather controversed behaviour on track, as long as I’m not involved in the incidents this people create.

    On the contrary, if I see that someone is creating some may-hem on purpose, then I’m up to fight myself for the sake of security. Freestyle was a victim of your madness(you can’t even recognise that, and it’s a real shame tbh) despite he asked nothing, and this victim could have been everyone else on the track. That’s why I reported Martin Ansel, did a big description on Trane’s incident to help people to make a difference between the black and the white, and that’s why I did report you earlier this morning. I did, I do, and I will fight to get random/lunatic drivers out this kind of leagues. No matter if by this way, I might enter on the “people to wreck” list of you, of the the pope, or whatever. Also, you’re mistaken about O’Keefe : you could have wrecked your team-mate Vule, or whatever else, I still would have reported you.

    About this incident under the bridge, I don’t care about it, it’s a racing incident for me, yep, it’s a bit stupid to collide each others when we are fighting for a good position, but after all, this is racing, and we have to accept that : no need to speak again about that.

    Last thing, if Kenneth didn’t come, I suppose that he’s not even aware of this protest. But it’s not because he doesn’t care about what happened. He rejoined the server after the end of race 2, and had a little speech with the admin, and they spoke about these incidents(I was there, so I know what I’m talking about)

    PS : If you are as honest as you say, at least, see the replay, you ruined Freestyle race with your last wreck on Kenneth. 20 hours after the incident, you didn’t even apologised publicly for that. Is that really honest to hurt innocent people without caring about that?

  8. aobrien says:

    Wrecker , complete wrecker.. Ban him

  9. WlayCo WlayCo says:

    So i am lunatic now,? Madness you say? Ok , if you say so… Thank you for that.

    Freestyle is a victim of Core O Keefe. I have punched Core O Keefe and Freestyle crash in to him. We are now back to beginning. If Core O Keefe was ok from beginning then this would never happend. He was an innocent victim and yes, i am sorry about that. SORRY!

    Now, i was watching replay 2 times today. I just could not get one thing. Yes, you are right and i say it too , i was very angry and i did on Core O Keefe on purpose everything to him. But i do not understand, how come you , that have always been fair driver can not understand why i get so mad?

    Maybe it is my Balcan mentality, i dont know. But anyone who take a reply from quali will know why i did what i did.

    Be a man and admit that he is guilty for my ” madness” like you say. He started first and he continues to do that. How dare you to insult ME and judge on ME for something that i am not a cause?

  10. Yann Laprevotte says:

    So, if you starb someone in the street, you think you can say to the police “Hey, this guy pushed me, so I decided to kill him, if he didn’t push me he wouldn’t be dead.”. You really think you can claim your innocence by this way?

    Everyone is supposed to wait after the race to raise a report in case of an incident. Ramming a driver to do justice yourself forbidden. It’s called revenge wrecking and it’s one of the worst infraction you can do in an event or in a public server.

    I do know why you did these acts, but they shouldn’t have been done, that’s all. Now, assume them.

  11. WlayCo WlayCo says:

    Wow, that is great explanation… Bravo…

    I see it like this. Someone punch you in the face on the street and you do nothing. You just continue to walk. He punch you again and again and all you can do is what? Nothing? You wait for someone to take care of that? Wait for cops who will punish him for beating you and don’t want to defend at all?

    I don’t want to tell you how do we call these people but i know that you are one of them. You are worst kind of them. You are the one who takes care of other peoples business and not their own…

  12. Yann Laprevotte says:

    WlayCo, you’re simply priceless. In 2 years of intense LFSing, you’re the only guy I saw attempting to do a 5 posts argument to justify his own wrecking manoevers. Too bad you don’t like the laws, because you could have became a good lawyer.

    “I see it like this. Someone punch you in the face on the street and you do nothing. You just continue to walk. He punch you again and again and all you can do is what? Nothing? You wait for someone to take care of that? Wait for cops who will punish him for beating you and don’t want to defend at all? ”

    I react in a different way. I keep my calm, espape from this guy, complaint about him, and get him punished. To be honest, I do think it’s the better solution : I escape from the wreckage without problem, while with your method, I probably would have spent a short or rather long momment in jail(depends if you hurt/kill your agressor or not of course). You are under-estimated what you’ve done, don’t remember that Kenneth had to retry after you knocked him, for me it doesn’t look like an usual fight with bare hands.

    “I don’t want to tell you how do we call these people but i know that you are one of them.”

    Am I the one who wrecked you?

    “You are the one who takes care of other peoples business and not their own…”

    I do so because I know it’s just the best way to get rid of wreckers like you. I love to interfer on other people’s business indeed, when I see someone not doing this job correctly. Look, the admins(who are nevetheless doing a good job on some other points) didn’t get the job done : after the race, they didn’t investigate the incidents your created, even if they are extremely severe, and would have gave you a 999 ban in most of the public or private servers I know.

    Thanks for these nice momments by the way, you just gave to everyone some nice examples of what not to do during a race, the devs should take this mpr and insert it in the default replays of the new patch. Now, why not leaving, once for all? You promised that twice in 7 days, and most of us are only waiting for that. Honestly, you’re a danger for everyone, go elsewhere, and come back only after you decided to act like a mature and healthy man who knows that rules are something imprtant, and who belive in fair play, sportivity, and this kind of values, not like a 10 years old child unable to resist from the frustration and whose only aim is to break the rules as soon as he see someone doing so.

    Oh, and before you slam the door, take that with you : Read it carefully, especially C-2…

    Bai(unless youre, not able to take a definitive decision, like Mosley).

  13. WlayCo WlayCo says:

    Well, now i don’t want to leave. I am not Core O keefe and others who are definitely guilty and now they are gone. I am here because i am not one of them! And I like reading your stupid posts and comments also.

    I told you before and i will told you again: i am not trying to justify my actions , i am just saying that i am not guilty for this whole mess. You are attacking me like i am only , ONLY , guilty person here and i just don’t want to accept this. I am aware of my actions, don’t worry about it.

    You shold worry about other things. You need to worry about yourself because it is not imposibile that someone is so blind and so stupid like you!

    Did anyone tell you , that you are not always right? That you are not so smart like you think you are? Why admins did not react? Maybe because they do not believe so blindly in your story?

    I just can not believe that after watching replays you are still saying samo old story. No normal person would do that.

    13 users voted
    Average vote value: 3.62 out of 10

  14. Yann Laprevotte says:

    “Average vote value: 3.62 ”

    Too bad you destroyed your argumentation by yourself. When I went to sleep on Thursday morning(yeah, that was at 4:00am or so), there was 8 votes, for an average value of 5.00(!). The after I woke up, the average fell down at 3.10(or so) for 11 votes. Strangely, a few of your team-mates came here to try to defend you quite at the same momment, so they probably did vote for something near “innocent”. The average then climbed to 3.62 after 2 more votes. That proofs that almost eveyone else here elive in my own “blind and stupid”(to take your own words) point of vue. If they didn’t post here, maybe it’s because they know it’s a waste of time to argue with you, or because they are too pussy to do so, I don’t know. Most probably the first option.

    If the admins say nothing, maybe it’s because they were too busy to raise a report just after the race or maybe they didn’t
    fully realise what you’ve done duing the race. One thing is clear to me, they still belive in this reporting system where everyone can come and impose their own conception of racing, and that is bad.
    You’re right, I’m not that smart, as on the contratry to the others, I’m still arguing like you, even if it couldn’t be more pointless.

    To everyone else : please, vote against this guy, this competition isn’t supposed to be a wrecking contest. This guy is going to kill the series if he comes again and again to wreck around the next time he got pushed on the track. I still belive on the Fun Racing League, even if we had some very bad racing on the last few races. To improve the standards, we need to report everyone who is not respecting the elementary rules of clean racing. I do apologises for the some rude words I could have said here, I’ll try to not do that again. One thing is sure, staying here and doing nothing isn’t a good thing to do to preserve the series.

  15. WlayCo WlayCo says:

    Hahahah.. i vote second , you are such a liar…

    So you are calling everyone else blind and stupid? I only said that to you… Nice to know what you really think about others…

    Your speech at the end is great. You are real saint. Who knows, maybe one day , when you grow up, you can be great politician? You make me cry i must admit…

  16. WlayCo WlayCo says:

    Yes, one more thing… If admins say that i am forbidden to come here for ever , that is OK and i will respect that. If that is their decision then i do not have problem with that. I am aware of my actions and i will respect them.

    But you are not the one who will forbid me to come here.

    I just like pissing you off and make you cry to everyone… it is such of fun!

    there , there little boy… It will be ok… :P

  17. Yann Laprevotte says:

    WlayCo, though I didn’t really understand the aim of your penultiame post, as you don’t say what you’re reffering to(“i vote second” remains an ambigous quote, showing also some very nice grammar skills), thanks for sharing your point of vue, now, let’s stop arguing, and let’s see what will come from that report and that discussion.

    Also, sorry to announce that you misread my last post. Read it again please.

    I must admit that until now, I really liked to reply to your posts to make you justify again, again and again your lame behaviour, which would mean a a few months ban everywhere else. It was(or,rather, it is) so great to watch.

    Oh, also, if the admins ban you, it would be because of me. Sorry to say that. They didn’t show up here the last 40 hours(I imagine they’re too busy to do so), and I can’t imagine them investigating the whole replay by themselves, they are already aware of what’s going on, Kenneth warned them, so I can imagine they will come an see my report and take a decision from the things I told. I never wanted to “forbid you to come here”, to take your own words, you’re mistaken. I sincerly advised you to not come here anymore, that’s a different thing. And I also wanted to get you sanctionned after that. Ask any other serious league organisator, revenge wrecking get you a few months long ban, so I just was curious to know why it isn’t the case here.

    WlayCo, stop attacking and insulting me, it looks so poor. And it only makes me coming to post longer and longer posts. And may I say that duing debates, the one who speaks the most is the most convinced by what I says. I can speak again and again on this subject, while to balance a lack of arguments, you’re making a few sentences long posts where half of the content is no more than insulting, and the other half is some reflexion about what I’m saying, though you don’t get the meaning of it. It’s so pathetic.

  18. administrator administrator says:

    Admins are here… as always. We do not like censorship, so we smile about this discussion. Next wednesday there will be last race. Then the FRL will change rules.
    Now this complaint is closed. Our decision will be communicated saturday