Dangerous Driving 2

Radzieoon Vs.

Involved: ~SW~Radeoon, HR A.Perrs(again)
Time: second lap(again), 4 min 15 sec of the race
Description: HR A.Perrs went into a skid, didn’t release the throttle and crashed me again. Then when comming back on track he almost crashed his teammate M.Fakotakis….

LFS FRL FE4 CRASH0001.jpg (197 KB)

LFS FRL FE4 CRASH0003.jpg (227 KB)

LFS FRL FE4 CRASH0004.jpg (212 KB)

LFS FRL FE4 CRASH0006.jpg (225 KB)

LFS FRL FE4 CRASH0007.jpg (225 KB)


  1. Lysergic lysergic says:

    My personal opinion: in similar situations I slow down and let the him crash. ;)

  2. Radzieoon Radzieoon says:

    Hmm… He was skidding to the left, so I didn’t think that he could crash me, but he wanted to keep the position and the perfect line at all costs(by steering to the right on full throttle)… The situation with his teammate confirms his recklessness.

  3. Napster says:

    “Then when comming back on track he almost crashed his teammate M.Fakotakis….”
    How can you know that his teammate was aware of that incident, let’s say throught the in-team communicationg software?
    “The situation with his teammate confirms his recklessness.”
    I can number 100 more situations that prove his non-recklessness.
    In addition, if I was in your shoes, seeing a car in front of me skidding I would slow down. We both know that a skidding car has an unpredictable behavior.
    My personal apologies for your ruined race & hope to have good & clean races from now on ;)

  4. «SS»Cleg «SS»Cleg says:

    It looks to me like he lost the back end, and was just trying to recover his “moment” I dont think it was recklessness or deliberate.

    However the rejoin was recklessness – should have waited for the car to pass before rejoining