Dangerous Driving

Radzieoon Vs.

Replay: http://rapidshare.com/files/278599895/FRL_WE1R_FOX_RACE_42L.mpr.html

Time: Second Lap, 3min10sec of the race

Involved: me – ~SW~Radeoon(radziomistrzu) and HR A.Perrs(Varwnos)

Description: A.Perrs crashed himself and flew out of the track. Instead of safe comeback he wanted to do it fast and was pushing over half throttle(=100% spin on grass) and spinned straight ahead me. I had no yellow flag, I saw him driving slowly out of the track and I didn’t think that any experienced driver could do such a thing(moreover his car was quite damaged, but he was pushing hard), so I just slowed down a bit and tried not to stay so close to the turn corner, as you can see that wasn’t enough…

LFS FRL CRASH0002.jpg (189 KB)

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  1. administrator administrator says:

    Our judges are considering the incident. The decision will be communicated when available.

  2. administrator administrator says:

    League Judges say: “it’s just a massive incident caused by a small mistake, ruining the race of the both drivers”.
    HR A. Perrs (Varwnos) receives a penalty: backlog of 2 grid positions for the next race. Should have used more caution