Event subscriptions and rules

It seems that somebody did not read the rules, or they don’t understand them, or they don’t want to understand them :(

Read this news, please

From the Rules:

Registration and pre-qualify
You must register to this site if You want to join the trophies.

The mandatory fields are important to make the automatic qualification system working correctly. Every racer must insert his LFSWorld nickname the will be inserted in the list of racers qualifying (LFSLapper powered). The registration is free and can be done at any time.

You must sign up for every race.

Only the faster 32 racers will take part to the race. Before each race, drivers must go throught a prequalify session. Prequalify are done on the server that we’ll indicate . They will determine the grid start order, and a minum of 10 laps is mandatory.

Il It is possible to check your position and time on this site (http://2010.funracingleague.com) and online (on the server) using LFSLapper commands: !nearqual !topqual The events combos change every month and there will be a monthly winner.


If somebody is not listed in the !topqual or !nearqual lists is because his LFS nickname is WRONG!

One example: HR™ B.Chalaris has the LFSnickname scoupegt but (!!!!) he subscribed to the event with the nick CUPRAMAN !! How can the system recognize You??

onlineIf You are racing online and your online status is wrong, Your nick is wrong. You can check this everytime you are online by going to the event page and check the racers column:, watch the screenshot for the example.



This is the last race with manual grid corrections. Everybody must check their own status as soon as possible.


For all these situations the grid now is updated.

  Nickname – Username Lap time  
1 R4F Naselli – maurizionaselli 1.33.86  
2 AMT»sermilan – sermilan 1.34.18  
3 HRG.Alamaras – cbr929 1.34.52  
4 HRV.Kalabalikis – kalabas 1.34.58  
5 CR|troy – troy 1.34.59  
6 R4F Logan 5 – logan 5 1.34.63  
7 «SS»Dan – therivierakid 1.34.66  
8 HRA.Abartzis – nasoss 1.34.66  
9 HRM.Chalaris – saxakias 1.34.73  
10 CR|Eisbaer – zapphord 1.34.76  
11 HRV.Kazantzas – billkaza 1.34.80  
12 AMT»NeSHaZ – neshaz 1.34.89  
13 [SR] bLb - blb 1.34.92  
14 R4F Lysergic – lysergic 1.35.01  
15 «SS»Tim – tim.ellis 1.35.11  
16 Neil – neilser 1.35.11  
17 R4F Il Nonno – il nonno 1.35.12  
18 [GVRc] Steve – x-treamracer 1.35.14  
19 HRA.Perrs – varwnos 1.35.18  
20 [TLP] Roudim – roudim 1.35.39  
21 ~SW~Radeoon - radziomistrzu 1.35.40  
22 [FAFT]-Darrajunior – darrajunior 1.35.42  
23 megaIvaN – ivan_car 1.35.76  
24 [TLP] MaGiC42 – kenfool42 1.35.84  
25 PublicEnemy‹ – thereaperlt 1.35.94  
26 GABRIEL – fallen 1.36.05  
27 HRN.Koudourakis – nikosk31 1.36.20  
28 CARRERA GT – carrera gt 1.36.28  
29 «SS»Cleg – clegster 1.36.28  
30 [FAFT]-multipanos - multit 1.36.54  
31 «SS»Sh00ter - sh00ter 1.36.68  
32 Dave Rollo – dave rollo 1.37.80  
  R4F CEKKO – cekko86 1.40.63  
  AMT»Vule – vule 1.35.08  
  HRB.Chalaris – scoupegt 1.34.25 wrong username
  Veng – melo 1.34.38 [not enough laps]
  P-16 R.Guzzo – guzzo 1.37.93 [not enough laps]

Scoupegt is added as reserve for his mistake. There are 37 racers qualified for only 32 places on the grid. The reserves will join the race if any of qualified racers will not show up tomorrow.

The order displayed in the grid is the priority of joining race.


Post Your questions here, not tomorrow before race.


  1. Napster says:

    as i can see tat the “Race subscribers” section of the 9th of September Race the username of “HR™ B.Chalaris” is “scoupegt”. I don’t see how cupraman comes up?

  2. administrator administrator says:

    I modify it today, maybe Chalaris knows …cupraman

  3. Neil says:

    Freaky stuff – I just got swapped on the grid with tim.ellis, and therivierakid got swapped with nasoss :-) )
    Is there a protocol for who goes first on the grid with equal times? And did the protocol get changed since yesterday? ;-) ) hehe.

    • administrator administrator says:

      The protocol is: let the system decide. No controversy about a.i. decisions.

      The order is the same of the pre-qulify results, maybe the older pb goes first.

      19 Neil neilser 07/09/2009 19:30 FOX 1.35.11
      20 «SS»Tim tim.ellis 07/09/2009 22:25 FOX 1.35.11

  4. Neil says:

    Hey I don’t really mind either way.

    I thought it might be older pb comes first, until I realised I had been moved from 1st to 2nd of the equal times (with me having the older pb) and rivierakid had been moved from 2nd to 1st of the equal times (with rivierakid also having the older pb).

    No worries, just slightly eyebrow-raising :-)

  5. Neil says:

    Sorry – to clarify that, it now *doesn’t* match the pre-qualify time sequence :-) It *did*, but now it doesn’t.

  6. administrator administrator says:

    @Neil: I didn’t want to be rude, sorry. But You are right, the order is wrong.

  7. administrator administrator says:

    @Neil: I fixed the SQL select, now it works right with older PB first. But it will be used from next race. Now is too late.

    • Neil says:

      Not a problem :-)
      With my luck the lag will kill me again anyway (though my ISP promises they’ve “fixed” it…).

      We shall see!