GVRc MikeR : “Forgetting” to brake before T1

Administrator Vs.

Time of the replay : 0.47

MikeR, starting 30th, took T1 almost flat-out, in 5th gear, while most of the pack in front of him was taking it in 3rd gear. This was obviously never going to work, and the manoever took several people off.

The replay was too big to be uploaded here, sorry.


  1. administrator administrator says:

    As everybody can see from the screenshots, but it’s reccomended to watch the replay sitting in Mike’s car, he voluntarily bumped the cars ahead of him. He ruined others race. He has ignored the basic rules of our league and the rules of fairness and common sense. For this reason it is banned from our league, from today, for an indefinite time.

  2. rudibarszcz says:

    shame this kind of behavior in such a nice league..
    also is a shame that i’m unable to race this month LX4 particularly.. the race starts 17:30 for me.. and i work until 18:00.. too bad :/

  3. «SS»Cleg «SS»Cleg says:

    Shame that MikeR ruined so many peoples race. Nice to see some justice though. Indefinite ban is harsh – but it will make others think twice – good job Admins.

  4. Mike_Racer says:

    Guys,i didnt want to ruin other peoples’ race..My connection and my gamepad didnt let me to do what i wanted to do…I didnt want to crash anyone because as u can see, my race ruined too…I apologise for this crash, It was not my intension.

  5. Junior says:

    You said “…but it’s reccomended to watch the replay…”,first of all YOU MUST watch the replay.It’s impossible one member which have take part in a league like this,to be as you named him a “crasher”.No reason to do this.Watch the replay again and please,unban him.
    Mike isn’t a crasher,he have take part in a lot of different leagues and he didn’t crash none
    Sorry for my bad english

  6. administrator administrator says:

    We have been asked to reconsider the penalty imposed on the MikeR since the incident, albeit ugly, with serious consequences, was not caused by criminal behavior, but of a combination of bad luck (lag) and inexperience. We have no reason to doubt MikeR’s words and those of other pilots intervened in his defense.
    The objective of the Fun Racing League we know it all, there are great prizes to be won, but only the desire to have fun.
    MikeR has specifically asked to reconsider its position because the brand of “Crasher” is a disgrace for him and his team. I understand that and I do not think he has reason to lie, a Crasher not behaving criminally once, so the indefinite suspension is deleted.
    MikeR in this way can compete with us, to gain experience so that these mistakes are not repeated.
    I hope you enjoy this decision in the spirit of the FRL and do not consider it an act of weakness: everyone deserves a second chance.

    New penalty for MikeR: he will start from the last grid position in the next race.