July Monthly Trophy race 1 results (XFG@BL2)



The results of the 1st (crazy) race of the July Monthly Tropy: XFG on Blackwood rallycross (Also on SPDO: http://www.spdoracing.com/eventdb/event/1645/results)


  1. Yann Laprevotte says:

    Fun event, I had some great battles I must say, but I was also really disappointed by the general behaviour of some persons.

    @Adminning team : If you didn’t get the message I sent to you, please contact me back.

  2. We apologize, again… :(
    The last minute combo change caused a bad mistake. Fortunately FRL members are attentive and accommodating. So we accepted the suggestion to change the number of turns. Still extend our apologies.
    @Yann Laprevotte: You are right, not all racers were clean tonight. We appreciate Your suggestions to improve the report system and punish unfair racers.

  3. sunjix says:

    I want to say sorry to all racers I blocked or rumbled, it was my first race on a rally track and I now for the future that I won’t drive that again because I had zero car control.


  4. xyz says:

    I would like to apologize in public for my improper behaviour. I have been wrong and I am sorry for being annoying.
    @Yann Laprevotte: see lfsw, please.

  5. Yann Laprevotte says:

    @xyz : What should I see at lfsw?

    Anyway, this is good that you recognise your mistakes, but this was just so big to be forgiven, that’s why I will raise a report against you.

  6. Tukko says:

    **** the clutch heating!

    Other than that it was fun though, I had one of my worst & best league races in the same package :)

  7. mc0676 says:

    Really nice and fun races.
    Compliments to the admin for the perfect work.
    (e maledetto temporale !)

  8. xyz says:

    @Yann Laprevotte: LFS Messages

  9. WlayCo WlayCo says:

    It was great race (at least first one and at least for me) :) I was very lucky , i must admit that. I am sorry Tukko because of your clutch but you should be more carefule :) I know you are faster of course but tonight i was more lucky. Great race everyone! And i am sorry if i caused any problems to anyone with my driving.

  10. Lysergic lysergic says:

    I don’t like rally tracks on LFS, and yesterday the race wasn’t nice as other FRL races, the event was a bit confused :|

  11. Yann Laprevotte says:

    Well, rallycross tracks can be fun sometimes, but they’re not really made to host 22 cars in the same time.

  12. mc0676 says:

    I think that in any circuit, except Oval, at the first corner incident can happens, it’s normal.
    These are races. :D

  13. sermilan sermilan says:

    I had a lot of fun… don’t mind so many drivers on this track, even though I got completely wrecked in the begining of the first race.
    Was my first time ever on this combo and I enjoyed it :) . Thanks guys for organizing this event and thanks to all fair drivers on the track.
    Hope I did not ruin anybody’s race with foul moves…

    • Maurizio N. says:

      Very fun races. I had lot of fun . Sometimes i laughing so much that i crying. :-)

  14. AriPetrol says:

    Sorry I couldnt make it ;( but didnt get S2 licence until July 2nd (wah!) o well ill probably be much better on a paved course.