July Monthly Trophy Race 3 results (XFG@AS2)

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  1. WlayCo WlayCo says:

    Dear R4F colleagues.

    I just want to inform you that i do not wish to participate any more in your league. You can delete all my data.

    Last night i was so mad and i said a lot of bad words but i just could not stay calm. I understand that this is FUN and that league is Race 4 Fun but if someone do not know basic rules of racing and ruins someone else race then i do not see the point of racing at all. Trane please learn to race and read the rules before you ruin another race and all of your team mates must learn not to speak at all until they know what actually happened.

    Big thanks to all GVRC team and same to spdo “dive bomb” Reno too.

    When you organize normal league with normal rules i will participate again, until then i wish you best of luck!


  2. I’m so sad reading these words. WlayCo, You are right. There is a complaint against Trane and everybody should vote to give the right penalty to this driver. He can also be banned from the league. So, WlayCo, it’s not necessary to leave our trophies, if wreckers are banned ;)

    I hope to see You again on track

  3. Yann Laprevotte says:

    I’m very sorry to read that too :’(

    This guy was reported, a ban is to be exepted for him. But I understand that you were also hurt by the fact that some people flammed you after the race, and I’m very saddened about that.

    After I saw some parts of the replay, I do think that spdoReno might deserve a report too, and it’s not because he’s very fast that people should be affraid of protesting about him. I do think that he’s a bit too aggressive, and that it could be about time to say that to him publicly(I know that I shouldn’t be saying that here but bah).

    Don’t forget that it’s also our own job, drivers, to signal some unfair or potentially dangerous behaviours on track, and I do think that you should be doing that after such an uneventful night.

    I really hope to see you on track too, it’s quite a shame to see you leaving in this way:(

  4. WlayCo WlayCo says:

    I understand you both. Specially you Yann , we had some great racing there.

    I do not want to report anyone , i just don’t want to participate in a league with such drivers and i am just annoyed because it happened on such non racing stupid way.

    Reno is aggressive and fast driver but he is too much aggressive and his respect towards other drivers is at very low level.

    I am not a saint of course i know that and i had a lot of mistakes too but when you practice so much and know that you are good enough for podium , and someone ruin your race you just get mad specially with my mentality , hope that you understand.

    Someone said “it is racing for fun , why are you so mad?” Well it is still a race , isn’t it? It is still a point to get as faster as you can? Go drive on a parking lot for fun if you want…

    I really hope that someone will take a notice of my complains here, that guilty driver (s) will be punished and that non-respecting one start to respect others.

    I will probably calm down until next race and i will probably be on track but with “no more Mr. nice guy” attitude towards some of drivers…

  5. sermilan sermilan says:

    WlayCo, you have to understand a few things here:

    1. This is an open kind of league, which means anybody’s wellcome. Organizers can not know who is what kind of driver when they register and apply some kind of noob or wrecker filter, so don’t blame the organizers for having such people on their servers. Don’t blame the world for it, too.

    2. You can maybe forgive inexperienced drivers, but not the deliberate wreckers or just reckless people. The only way to stop them doing so is to make a report and not quitting something that can be fun, after all. Loose your “I don’t want to report anybody” attitude and do something about it.

    This league can most certainly be fun, I did have some in previous races and I’m sure you can too. So shut up with your quitting ideas, report the people who you think have made rough fouls on you and let the majority decide if they are guilty or not :)

    The fun will come eventualy ;)