June Monthly Trophy Race 3 (MRT@AS2)

 The Monthly Trophy June MRT: results of race 3 are also on EventDB
You will find also stats and replays ;)

Standings are up to date!


  1. The first accident took place in the first round, in the first race with the player – “Tim”. I think this is more racing incident. But it would probably be a good ending, if Tim would leave the local track. http://www.ipix.lt/images/84503587.jpg

    The second incident was also the first race, for which I am very sorry the driver – “Cleg”. I’m off to his car and he lost control. Sorry.

    I want to emphasize one more incident to “Cleg,” it was the second race 13 rate. This was really not my fault.

    It was still more incidents related to me from a badly injured, though was certainly not my fault.

    I think everyone should try to concentrate and avoid accidents. Furthermore I want to praise R4F team, which has never before affected.

    While not being in English writing, I hope at least to understand something.

    With respect Modestas Runas (dt.Modestas R.).

  2. Logan 5 Logan 5 says:

    Belle gare e tanto divertimento, peccato per la disconnessione in gara due.Complimenti al Naselli come sempre, al Nonno e a Scorpio.

    Good races and lot of fun!Sorry me for the disconnection in the race two.Compliments for Naselli and Nonno and Scorpio.

  3. Lysergic lysergic says:

    Also if I arrived last on the 2nd race, it was fun. In the first race how many overtakes? :D

    Too many accidents, but it’s racing…

    @dt.Modestas R. I saw your accidents, You can submit compliant in case…

  4. «SS»Cleg «SS»Cleg says:

    First and foremost it was good fun – which is the point after all.

    Modestas, the first race accident i accept your apology – it was unfortunate that i wasn’t able to continue but it was clear that it wasn’t on purpose so no problem.

    The second accident we were 3 abreast through 2 corners, i had no more space to give you, maybe you could have given me a bit more space and we would have both held our position. Maybe next time we can pass cleanly :)

    Good fun though – thanks to all involved

  5. Lims Chebbi CARRERA GT says:

    hi dt.Modestas R.

    Just to tell you that im sorry about the incident at the last lap, i take the blame, it wasn t intentionel, i think it was the heat of the moment and my brain didn t react on time from what i tryed to do.
    To make it back to you, if we race in the same pool again and that i see you behind me i will let you pass and give you my position.

    Good luck

  6. No problem man ;)

  7. Beczy says:

    Hi carrera

    I complated the registration yesterday…
    But i can’t find the server in the game.

  8. Lims Chebbi CARRERA GT says:

    Hi Beczy,

    Type the name ofThe server: [FRL] funracingleague.com