Last minute combo change

5kud-3We apologize for the inconvenience, but we think that we made a big mistake choosing the combo of the 1st race of July Monthly Trophy. Aston National rev is too long for a slow car like XFG.

We are looking for fun… so we make a change: we’ll race the 1st race on Blackwood Rally.

Sorry again for the inconvenience.


  1. I think you can make changes before the tournament, you made two days before the race, the other possibly preparing them for racing, and you just change the track without any reason. This can not be.

  2. @dt.Modestas R.: You are right. We apologize, but the combo was really boring :(

    For this event we’ll not consider complaints: the race will be really a crazy race. Take it easy and join in … Lot of racers never drove on a rallycross track before…

  3. mc0676 says:

    He Admin, can u add in download > setup a good race setup for BL2-XFG ?

  4. Setup for XFG@BL2 added

  5. «SS»Cleg «SS»Cleg says:

    Good change – last minute or not its a much more fun combo – good choice.

    Lets hope my Internet holds so i can make the race….