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Extended race stats


  1. Samppa says:

    Could we see those nice extra stats? lap times for every lap and so on =)

  2. Lysergic lysergic says:

    Lot of mistakes and forgot to repair car, so I drive all time with the car pointing to the right. Anyway it was fun.
    @Y.Laprevotte: nice fight in last laps :)

  3. sermilan sermilan says:

    I had rather boring race. Watching DUi becoming smaller and smaller at the front and no one close behind, my mind started wondering away and then small and stupid misstakes came.
    But the worse was when I went out on the fast chicane in 29th lap, letting Conte take 2nd place from me. I tried to catch him in the last lap, but all I could do is come as close as 0.14 sec on the finish line.

    He must’ve had a good laugh with it :) . Anyway, not undeserved.
    Grats DUi, grats Conte!

  4. Yann says:

    Nice race guys, really enjoyed it, as always.

    Yes Lysergic, I must say that it was a really nice battle, it was very hard for me to have a go at you, because we had a very similar pace :)