Monthly Trophy October: UFR@AS3R results


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  1. Yann says:

    Grats to Naselli ;) Thanks to all, it was a very enjoyable race, looking for more like that now :)

  2. «SS»Dan says:

    yup, good fun race all

  3. Lysergic lysergic says:

    A good 6th place for me, but I have to ask sorry for laggin during first 4-5 laps. Conte was so fair that he did not try to overtake me… thanks!

    Again: really fair racers make races fun! ThankYou FunRacers!! :D

  4. fallen fallen says:

    Well that was for sure not fun.Just come on the back of the grid and you will see.Twice on the straight kicked off and from the start with a damaged car.I cant do anything but tryiung to avoid a crash.But some guys just wont try it at all.And then they came to take revenge.I hope they dont drive the same in the real world.

  5. administrator administrator says:

    @fallen: sad to hear this.. when did it happen? lap?

  6. fallen fallen says:

    At the end of lap one at the straight and on lap 3 comes the revange at the chicane after the straight.Lap 5 before the pits.I dont know if there was a lag there.Take a look and tell me what you think about it.