Monthly Trophy October: UFR@FE3 results

As usual, replays, results and stats on SPDO:
Note: seems that Spdo shows wrong results
Extended race stats

Standings …


  1. Jankes says:

    There is an error in results on spdo.
    [SR] bLb is 7th


  2. administrator administrator says:

    Yes, U are right. Look at extended race stats for results.

  3. Yann says:

    No, spdo is all right on that one. It’s just that it is parsing the results in a different way than you are, classing the DNFers from the numbers of laps they’ve done, like in almost every type of real life motorsports series, while you are taking LFS’ in-game results, which aren’t showing DNFers.

    Example : [SR] bLb spectated on the last lap, while he was on the lead lap, so that means to say that he has driven 34 laps, and finished these 34 laps before every lapped cars. So, spdo put [SR] bLb in 7th position.

    Sorry if I wasn’t that clear, I did my best to explain the situation.

  4. «SS»Cleg «SS»Cleg says:

    [SR] bLb crashed on the last lap, he therefore never crossed the line, and by LFS rules he never finished the race, therefore the results here are correct – DNF

    At best his position should be the first DNF (13th) but as you point out show him as 7th in the first page results, but 13th in the extended stats…….

  5. «SS»Dan says:

    wow, spdo actually giving proper race results. good to see imo.

    my race was ruined by lfs deciding to spend a minute repairing damage even though i had the repair damage setting to ‘no’. hurray…