Monthly Trophy September: Fox@AS4R results

Replays and stats:

A little gift for the first race… extended stats

Trophy and race results:


  1. Lysergic lysergic says:

    I’m very, very happy for this race. Not for my race, lot of mistakes and only 10th, but lot of fun and all perfect. Thanks to all drivers: clean and fair. No troubles with blue flags, no troubles at start. Im very happy.


  2. Logan 5 Logan 5 says:

    Thanks to all drivers: clean and fair and very compliments at Naselli, CREisbaer and AMT»sermilan.

  3. «SS»Dan says:

    good race all. and thanks to lysergic for admining and for the extended stats – will this become a regular feature?

    • fallen fallen says:

      Real nice race.Some troubles but nothing serious.Cant wait for the next race!
      Admin gan you please put as team for Gabriel GVRc.I have it in my profile but ist not on the final list.

  4. Lims Chebbi CARRERA GT says:

    Very clean race thx for good organisation admin.

    I thing i don t understand is that i finish thi race 16th and in the standing result im 18th.


  5. administrator administrator says:

    @CARRERA GT: I know… A.I. bugs ;) after 16th place the order is alphabetical. But in the extended stats it’s right

  6. cekko86 cekko86 says:

    naselli and the number one live for speed