Monthly Trophy September: FOX@FE4 results

As usual, You will find replays, stats and results here:

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  1. Lysergic lysergic says:

    What a race! I had to fight against technology… My wheel drived me crazy, and I wasn’t able to drive the car. Not only the steer, but also buttons stopped working.

    The track was really hard and only 8 drivers to the finish… Conratulations to Maurizio for the 3rd victory.

    Next combo is quite simple, and I think there will be nice fights and close laptimes.

  2. administrator administrator says:

    Hi all. I musk ask sorry to all for the wrong choice of the track. It was really too hard, and this means no fun.

    Future races will be on better tracks, where overtaking will be easier. I would like to read Your comments the last race and the evolution of the trophy

  3. «SS»Dan says:

    come on, this track was no more difficult than any other. one of the best combos ever.

  4. sermilan sermilan says:

    I agree… there were not many chances for clean overtaking, but the truck itself was demanding and that was fun about it.

    I like the track choice in general.

  5. «SS»Cleg «SS»Cleg says:

    Combo was great. The mistake I made was my fault, not the tracks.
    It makes a nice change to race on the longer curcits .

    Good job – keep up the good work