New site, new trophy

frl-carsHi all.

You may have noticed that the graphics of FunRacingLeague’s website has changed. We hope You appreciate this new look. Anyway, we are waiting for your comments about this.

We have another request: we are planning future monthly trophies: July is 99% for XFG on usual tracks. Slow car with close battles that mean lot of fun. August and September are not so far… Again: we ask Your opinion for the car to be used. Remeber only one thing: we want to race for fun, so You may propose easy-driving cars ;)


  1. Logan 5 Logan 5 says:

    Very good and very fun!

  2. Lysergic lysergic says:

    next trophies? after XFG, why not FOX on August and then restart with UFR?

    • Maurizio N. says:

      The new page looks very good. Good Job.
      After the XFG i propose to drive whit the Uf1 or whit the Fox.

      Another idea would be to drive one endurance race (2 hours) in September whit the Fox or whit the FXO Turbo.

  3. XFG is good…

  4. Logan 5 Logan 5 says:

    Good idea! propose the FOX after the XFG Trophy…..i agree :)

  5. Y.Laprevotte says:

    Hello all, your work on this series seems to be very promising, that’s why I just registred here, and I’ll join you on the track as soon as my other commitements let me.

    According to the fact that you are mostly racing for fun in this league, I’d see with pleasure some experimentations on some rarely used cars, like the XRG, the UF1, the RAC, the LX4, maybe the BF1(even if this could be a mess after all) or the XRR eventually…

  6. dino.pace dino.pace says:

    Hi Y.Laprevotte and welcome! Me and Lysergic are very happy if our work is appreciated. About the cars… we are always looking for fun and easy driving cars: not RAC or LX…
    Anyway, we are looking for Your suggestions ;)

  7. Y.Laprevotte says:

    Thanks for the reply, but I’d say that even if the MRT is one of the funniest car here, it is known as clearly more difficult to drive than the LXs, or, at least, it is clearly less forgiving.

  8. sermilan sermilan says:

    Hi guys, nice changes ;)

    I love FOX and I agree to have it for the August trophy. Also, I propose UFBR (UFR with the same restrictions as it was on CTRA), used to be a lot of fun racing it.

  9. UFBR is an interesting choice :)

    Maybe the League will pause on August, we’re thinking about an holiday pause for better organize future events