RACE 3 | Aston Club photogallery


  1. Lysergic lysergic says:

    Great race! M.Naselli and Logan 5 were too fast for us. Modestas made a splendid recovery, has climbed up to third place despite an accident in the early laps. I’m sad :( for our friends from Greece: Steve and Napster, both gave up. Better Luck next time, sure!

  2. Logan 5 Logan 5 says:

    Bella gara, un bravo Naselli e un Nonno con una mano di tutto rispetto..il tutto condito da tanto divertimento….vai con la Fun Racing League :)

    • Maurizio N. says:

      This Fun Racing League is a real blessing. Fun is guaranteed.
      Congratulations to Logan and Modestas.
      Thanks to all pilots who participated.

  3. ScorpioGT ScorpioGT says:

    Great racing, great formula, great fun.
    At the green light with NO TRAINING, and had a good race and fast times the same.
    Let’s keep up with this good job, MRT is approaching, and i can’t wait.
    Nice to find new racers i never faced too.

    PS Naselli is GAY

  4. sid6.8 says:

    Nice to meet u in this amazing league… very n1 race, hard but fair fights with Jackal — THX. See u on Track and greets from Germany!!!