Report – Klouczech

Y.Laprevotte Vs.

On the 2nd sector of the very first lap of the race, Klouczech decided that he already waited enough time behind me, so he just decided to push me into the barrier(1:08 on the replay) to have a go. My MRT was stuck in front of the wall, end of the race. Really, I\’m extremely saddened to see that some people are unable to understand that a race last more than 30 minutes, so they have a lot of time to pass their opponents, especially if they are 2 seconds slower per lap, like I was.

FRL, reprt.mpr (358 KB)


  1. Yann Laprevotte says:

    Well, please don’t give to this guy a severe penalty, as he apologised for this incident right after the race(I raised the report immediately after I DNFed).

    I shouldn’t have submitted it anyway, after all, this is racing, incident happens, and this one wasn’t intentional.

  2. Lysergic lysergic says:

    I agree with Yann Laprevotte. Klouczech had been hitten on the 1st turn after start…

    The problem of complaints is that somebody also if damaged during race, don’t submit any report. Klouczech, for example, could send its report against other drivers, but has not done.

    The system of complaints is to be used for those who persist with harmful attitudes, or for very serious incidents.