Trane wrecking

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Trane wrecking, crashes with WlayCo while under blue flag and not repecting blue flag

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  1. Every racer can vote for the seriousness of the fault with this system: innocent = no penalty (-4points) , guilty = severe penalty(+5points) Every vote will contribute to the final score and the penalties will be assigned if there are a minimum of 10 votes. If average value is equal or less than 0(zero): no penalty

    * Average value >= 4.75 disqualified for the entire tournament
    * Average value >= 3.75 disqualified for the next race

  2. Yann Laprevotte says:

    Voted for 5.00 without hesitation. But this incident needs more explanation IMO, to help everyone to vote.

    First of all, during the whole race(race 1), this guy showed that he has no control of his car. Then, at 25:20, he swerved under blue flags while WlayCo was just behind him, I don’t really understand why, but this is forbidden, as it can be really dangerous. At 25:43, he pushed WlayCo on the run wide area after he missed the breaking point. At 25:55 he pushed Logan 5 on the grass, still under blue flags. He insisted, and half-span just in front of WlayCo at 26:04. WlayCo couldn’t avoid him, and as he was totally fed-up with this retard(yep, sorry, it’s the only word I could find to describe him), he pushed him mildly to get him out of the way. His reaction after that push ? “you are an idiot”(26:58)

    WlayCo was critisised for not keeping his calm, but don’t forget that he lost more than 9 seconds, just because of a blue flagged driver, and even got insulted(!) by him after that.

  3. Lysergic lysergic says:

    Totally agree with Yann. I didn’t like also Trane’s words when he said “this is a fun race [...] not a championship”.
    Racing for fun means also respect for other racers . Remember fair = fun

  4. WlayCo WlayCo says:

    No more comments from my side, Yann has explained it all…