xyz – Not respecting blue flags

Y.Laprevotte Vs.

Here you can download the replay(thanks to spdo) :

At 17:10, xyz saw that he was under blue flags, so decided to let me pass. Strangely, a few seconds later, he just decided to push me to re-pass. He had a go after that incident(!) but decided to let me pass again a tens(or so) seconds later. Then he just forgot to brake for the next corner, and his car took mine. I lost several of seconds in this incident.

Now, I had a talk with this guy, he’s totally aware that he did wrong this night. He apologised many times, and said that he understood his mistakes. I’m sure that he’ll do really better for the next event he’ll take part in. That’s why, even if the things he did are very serious, I’d like you to give to this guy only a small penalty, for the example. Thanks in advance.

PS : In bonus, a nice picture of Perth(my proof is uploaded at spdo, no need to upload a picture of the inciden which would tell nothing about it)

Perth.jpg (16 KB)

Perth.jpg (16 KB)

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  1. neshaz says:

    You use your horn TOO much… take it easy…