FBM @ BL1: Advance of doubtful lawfulness

Pitero Vs. VRT O.Schöpf

In the turn 33 takes advantage of that I slacken the course to leave me bend by the head of career, to advance me of form legally doubtful

One Comment

  1. makakazo FRL Marshalls says:

    Pitero lifts off to let the car pass, and then O.Schöpf overtakes him taking advantage of the situation.

    This, called doing “the train”, must not be done, but on the other hand Pitero went too much off of his way and lost too much speed on the action himself, so Schöpf would have had to actually brake to not pass him, and that is not necessary.

    It is not a very nice move, but we consider that Pitero didn’t lose time because of the incident and he could continue with his race without further problems.

    No penalty issued to VRT O.Schöpf.