FBM@we1 dirty driving

publicenemy Vs. R4F-ScorpioGT(ScorpioGT)

this is my interpretation of what happend in 2nd race.
lap 5 start finish straight i am on slipstream of R4F-ScorpioGT car,could pass him easy,but he was changing race line to many times,so it really can be called blocking,but not defending.
lap 7
he has lost speed after some troubles with another driver coming in to turn 3 so i had speed advantage and went for outside to overtake him,all he does,steer slightly to outside(normally no one go so out so much on that place) and touching my car,makes me go on grass and loose control of the car,had collision with wall,after i couldnt drive my race pace cause front suspension i believe was damaged.

One Comment

  1. dino.pace FRL Marshalls says:

    Lap 5: Excessive weaving in straight and intentionally blocking a car that had made a clear move out of hs slipstream.
    Lap 7: Pushing a passing car out of the track intentionally.

    ScorpioGt is disqualified for 1 race