Enjoying the FunRacingLeague? Spread the word!

This is a call to all FRL drivers. If you are enjoying the racing here do not hesitate to bring some of your friends to race with us. We are currently going through an agressive “advertising campaign”. If you move aroung a little through LFS sites you will notice us in the “News Headlines”, in the “Race Calendar”, in Spdo’s Event DB, etc. We are not looking forward to be the biggest league, nor having the fastest guys, but we want to have fun while racing, and you know… the more the better! So tell your teammates, drivers from other leagues in which you may be participating and drop the occasional “last FRL race was fun” at your usual public server chat :-D That would be a great help!

Also we’d like to remind everybody that one of the main concerns of the admin team is to keep the racing in this league as clean as possible. That is, we prefer clean drivers to fast drivers. The spirit of the league is “fun racing”, but don’t hesitate to use the complaints form if you feel someone stepped over the line -but please, cool down and re-watch the replay before filling a protest, and talk it openly with other involved people if possible. We expect a good behaviour from all of our drivers inside and outside the race tracks, but in case that doesn’t happen we can’t keep our races clean unless you help us notifying the bad driving.