FBM SO6R – Pre-race and qualy briefing

As this is a especially dangerous race we would like to give some instructions and guidelines to be considered during qualifying and race. Consider this a pre-race drivers briefing with the track security head as they do in F1.


Hardcore qualy is going to be very tough with so many cars in a track this sort. We expect all 32 cars in the grid, and the laptime is aproximately 1:06 (66 seconds). This means that with all 32 cars on track in a perfectly even distribution, there’s barely a 2 seconds gap between consecutive cars. That itself looks scary. Now consider that drivers will have different paces, and that there will be people crashing here and there (mostly in the chicane). It’s going to be very hard, so please follow these guidelines:

  • * Be patient and don’t get hasty.
  • * Always look out for incoming cars when you exit the pits, and remember to respect the yellow lines when entering and exiting pits. Stop your car for as long as necessary at the exit of the pitlane so you don’t interfere with anyone’s lap.
  • * Respect blue flags and give way also if your lap was already clearly slower than your best lap and someone is coming fast from behind.
  • * Try to leave a decent gap to the car in front of you so you don’t run into him in your timed lap.
  • * If you run into someone it doesn’t mean that he has to let you pass, because maybe he is a slower driver on a good lap for him. Being faster doesn’t mean having the right to ram into people. Don’t ruin other people laps trying to overtake them in a dangerous way, probably that encounter was your fault for not leaving enough space before starting the lap.
  • * BE PATIENT! This qualy is a matter of strategic skills rather than driving skills. Finding the right spot to have traffic free laps is the key to getting a good time. Don’t get hasty, don’t get into other people’s way and always have an eye on the minimap when you are not in a fast lap to control gaps between cars. You will be lucky if you manage to do 3-4 traffic free laps. Don’t expect much more than that.


The race is very long and many people will not finish it. There will probably be a DNF rate of around 50% or more. Many people will crash by themselves and that will cause chain crashes. There’s not much we can do about that. The track is dangerous and driving mistakes are expected. Anyway, we are going to give some guidelines to follow:

  • * The race is for 45 laps, lasting about 50 minutes. There’s a lot of time to overtake. Please be especially careful during the opening laps when there are many cars close to each other because crashes during those laps usually involve many cars.
  • * Be agressive in safe places, be conservative in dangerous places. There are two strong braking points where you can do completely clean overtakes. Then there’s the chicane and the post-chicane corner which are extremely dangerous, where small contact usually ends in disaster. Don’t try to overtake there, wait for a safer place!
  • * If two cars get side by side after the first corner one will have to hold back before entering the chicane, and that car is the one that is at the back at the time they arrive at the chicane. If both cars are paired up extremely close then they might try to do the whole chicane side by side. That is possible, but extremely difficult, and both cars would have to slow down more than usual to leave enough space at all times for the other car. Please avoid this situation if possible!
  • * This track allows a lot of overtaking, but you must defend and attack always in a clean and clear way. Don’t try to confuse your opponents with weird weaving in straights; don’t push them to the walls; don’t try to outbrake an opponent if you are too far away, etc. If someone catches you it’s only natural to defend your position, but do it in a nice way, and when he get’s a clean overtake chance you must recognize it and drive safe. Probably you will have a chance to pass him back later!
  • * There will be a lot of traffic and a lot of blue flags will be shown. Try to give way in a clear way with clear moves so the car coming to lap you knows your intentions and passes you safely. On the other hand, faster cars lapping other drivers must consider that there are places where lapping is not safe, like the chicane. Don’t expect slow cars to disappear so you can pass, they are doing their own race, so please respect them and don’t crash into them because you are faster.
  • * If you flip your car or receive very heavy damage that makes your car non-driveable please go to pits/spectators as so0n as possible so other drivers don’t crash into you.
  • * As in qualy… BE PATIENT! Just finishing this race is an achievement! Probably all drivers who finish this race will enter the points region (top15). If you didn’t get the grid position you expected in qualy don’t try to rush things and overtake a lot of people in the opening laps, you could cause a big mess. Your focus in the first laps should be to drive safe and find a stable and safe pace, even if that means losing ground to the top drivers. With the race progressing there will probably be larger gaps and you will start to focus on being faster and overtaking some cars (or defending), but your main focus should at all times be FINISHING THE RACE! Any driver placed in 25th position in lap 10 can easily finish in the top10 by just sticking to the defensive strategy of “keeping the car in the track”. Don’t rush things!

That is all. Please remember that a lot of people prepared hard for this race and it would be a real shame if they had to retire for someone else’s fault. Please drive fast but safe!

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