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  1. makakazo makakazo says:

    Good race for me, very entertaining and tense, and I’m glad that so many people made it to the finish. SO + chicane + formula = hell but fun

    I have to say sorry to SS|Dan because in qualy I run into him in the first corner when exiting pits. The thing is that I looked at the minimap and saw a couple of cars, but when I joined the track I was sure they had already passed. Also I was talking with teammates about the reserve drivers issue and that didn’t help. I’m glad that in the end Dan made his PB and got second place so I didn’t ruin his whole qualy.

    Also sorry to Tsai.aleex for contact in lap 8, though I don’t think it was completely my fault, but it meant a spin for him :-/

  2. kiste says:

    In the one hand i am really unhappy about my results because my speed was good and it was possible to finish in 3rd place. But on the other hand i could be happy with my 10th place.

    First laps were great but in lap13 i made a barrelrole after the chicane (must say this looks funny in replay :D )and had to repair the car for 25 seconds. In the end i could catch some drivers and stay behind the 2nd place Naselli wth my laptimes but one lap behind him.


    • neshaz says:

      Kriste – watch replay, 4th lap, T1. Why you had to move your wheel on right? I didn’t noticed that you do that kind of ‘correction’ in any other lap… You didn’t see me that I was on your right side? Not nice at all. You need to be more careful when two cars go into corner, and leave space for other racer.

      • kiste says:

        if you give a 2nd look on it you´ll see that we drove some corners with a tworide and i let enough space for you. First corner. Yes i made a “correction”. But if you look on the car i was drifting and only try to stable the car with my correction. I saw in the mirrors that you hit the wall because of my corretion. But if you think i did this only to crash you into the wall you can make a protest. ;) But if you look the other laps you see that i am hard but fair. Sure i touch someone but not really often.

        A other thing is that you had the chance to lift your throttle or break at this moment. But for me it is only an raceaccident.

        So i say sorry but it is only an raceaccident.

      • neshaz says:

        I hit the wall because you push me there, not because I moved by my self into it LOL…

        Never mind, just be more careful and everything will be okay.

  3. «SS»Dan says:

    Well, I did really well until the a few laps into the race when I started to get horrific lag – my fps went through the floor (I’ve since found out my antivirus was updating at this time so think it was that) which meant i was lapping stupidly slowly and everyone caught be up and then I had a coming together with Naselli. Pretty sure he should have left me room but then I was lagging and not exactly along side him and haven’t review the incident, but it did ruin my race unfortunately. Oh well.

    • makakazo makakazo says:

      I saw your incident with Naselli and it was lag’s fault. He gave you enough room but lag made your computer think he was hitting you. You can check the replay I uploaded to spdo’s (above in the main post) and you’ll see how you weren’t even close to touching when your car got repelled to the right. My replay will probably look different to yours. In your replay you will see your car doing OK and other cars lagging, whilst in mine you will see yourself lagging and other cars not.

      That’s the thing with lag, you can’t get close to anyone because the game creates collisions when there are not.

  4. Gonchi.lfs Gonchi.lfs says:

    In Aston, i did a pretty good qualy, and arriving at the hairpin, we were about 4 cars tied up, i went inside to give room and have some room for me, i did all the turn over the kerb, but anyways I got hit or hit someone ( did all the turn over the kerb) I spin, get hit again, more sppining, then i was in the last positions and somebody took me out bad. This time, I did a bad qualy, so i started in the middle of the grid, 13th, i did the first lap too cautios, i even gave away my place at the chicane to avoid contact, and in T1 at lap 2, as soon as I face the little straight, there was a wreck just there, 4 or 5 cars, I couldnt avoid [SR] bLb, who was standing there across the track, my car gone bad, i had to stop in pits, got out ahead the leaders, and i was doing great although i was lapped, i gave the leaders way to pass just fine, then i passed a couple cars and fighting with one, another car lapped me, but he was a bit slower than me, i could have passed him, but i didnt wanted to fight him as he lapped me, but then i had to step on the brakes hard 2 times in the chicane not to hit him and i spinned both times, so I finally got out of the server cause i was losing a lot of track but didnt wanted to fight him cause I was lapped and for sure i would be penalized or something. I just cant do a decent race, theres always something, i hope in WE1 we can just get along fine, its a pretty wide track and easy to avoid contact ;)

    • makakazo makakazo says:

      You could have unlapped yourself if you were clearly faster and the overtake is clean and safe. The rest of the things… bad luck I guess! South City is difficult and it’s easy to get caught in incidents :-/ Anyway, if you think someone wrecked you badly you can protest using the complaints form.

      • Gonchi.lfs Gonchi.lfs says:

        It was complicated to get unlapped, i wouldnt say i was clearly faster, but i think fast enough to pass and get away little by little, but at the same time i was struggling with others in my same lap, so I lost some terrain, get back to his tail, spin braking hard in the chicane, again lost terrain, getting back to his tail, again braking hard and spinning, blah blah blah, I wouldnt blame anyone for any incident, neither me, Lets put it this way: As BB King says, “If it wasnt for bad luck, i wouldnt have no luck at all” :p

  5. Jankes says:

    Edited by Admin:

    Irrespetuous rant about penalty: http://frl.race4fun.it/2010/fight-on-a-blue-flag/2826

    • makakazo administrator says:

      Penalties issued by FRL race marshalls during or after events are definitive and won’t be changed. There is not any discussion allowed regarding penalties after a decission has been made public.

      If you show any further lack of respect towards FRL Marshalls or admin team you will be consequently punished.

  6. kiste says:

    Another thing in this race for me was that sometimes drivers didn´t respect blueflags. :-/
    I was waiting to overtake some lapped cars but someone didn´t react at all that i was 1-2secs faster. And because of him i crashed into a wall again. But thats only by the way. ;)