FBM Trophy – 3rd round results

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Race 1 results
Race 2 results

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  1. Butta76 Butta76 says:

    nonnino i did not crash with you!!!! look replay

  2. Gonchi.lfs Gonchi.lfs says:

    I cant believe this! Again, my race was ruined, i was crashed 3 times in the first lap of the first sprint. Whats wrong with you people? From the 5 races we´ve done, this last sprint was the only race i can finish without having trouble. The only way to finish the race without trouble, is starting at the top of the grid or being really lucky that nobody rams into you. Im really dissapointed about the level of this competition

    • makakazo FRL Marshalls says:

      You say you are so unhappy about the level of this competition, but we have never received a protest from you against anyone and you say you have had problems in four races. We can’t guess who isn’t driving nicely unless participants tell us by filling protests. If you don’t report bad behaviour we can’t issue corrective penalties.

  3. «SS»Dan says:

    well, i’m glad to see that accident on L1 in R2 wasn’t my fault. good racing from everyone generally i thought.

    • «SS»Tim says:

      you mean, wasn’t _entirely_ your fault…

    • Lysergic Lysergic says:

      you mean, wasn’t _entirely_ your fault…

      exactly ;)

      • kiste says:

        think it was a chain of faults from us 3 . But think “that´s racing”

      • Lysergic Lysergic says:

        I think You both was a little too much “aggressive”. But, it’ok, that’s racing.

        (but next time I’ll shot You) :)

      • «SS»Dan says:

        yeah, point taken. but it wasn’t agressiveness, i broke early for the corner (and to be fair easily made it) but not early enough. so more rubbish skills :) i’ll be on best behaviour in blackwood! appologies again.

      • kiste says:

        like i said it was a chain of “fauults” i think. We all try to break a bit later and sometimes the track goes off. But I expect a nice race at Blackwood. Was my first Trophy here and it was everytime fun. ;)

  4. ScorpioGT ScorpioGT says:

    *** deleted by admin ***

    • makakazo FRL Marshalls says:

      @ ScorpioGT:

      The comments are not meant to start public disussions about incidents and attack other drivers. There are protests pending to be resolved, and that’s the way to handle those situations. Please refrain yourself from starting public flame wars.