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  1. «SS»Dan says:

    I think i destroyed my engine by downshifting too quickly :(

  2. kiste says:

    Here is a pic for the news on xcite-racing.de(german) http://i516.photobucket.com/albums/u326/kiste1990/frlxcite.jpg

  3. Yann says:

    Grats to Sascha aka Firedragon, pwning Naselli with more than 10 seconds of margin is not so much easy to do! :D

  4. Feuerdrache FireDragon says:

    I must honestly admit that Christian from Xcite Racing (when he hold back the faster drivers) and Maurizio’s bad first laps made it a lot easier for me, as I was pushing hard at the beginning to use the maximum out of this “present”.

    Without that situation, I couldn’t have cruised in the middle part of the race like I did yesterday. :)

  5. kiste says:

    Haha Sascha. No Problem. lol. My Problem was that i can´t push hard how i would like because my tyres were too hot if i did it. So i onl tryed to hold the position. Sorry for my mistake in lap 5 and the contact in lap40 with Tim. But it was a great race. grats Sascha,Maurizio and blb. ;)