FBM @ SO6R: Fight on a blue flag

Jankes Vs. R4F - Il Nonno (Il Nonno)

Lap 32 – Il Nonno was one lap behind me and he was fighting for the position on last corner, I had to leave him some room
Lap 33 – in the first corner once again he was fighting with me for the position, I had to give up, he overtook me and he was still on a blue flag, I had higher speed and I wanted to overtake him but he didn’t give a way for me.

Link to replay:


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  1. makakazo FRL Marshalls says:

    Il Nonno was unlapping himself, with a pace much faster than Janke’s (nearly 1 second per lap faster). You can unlap yourself if you are clearly faster than the driver in front of you. The overtake was clean. In fact Jankes could have made it easier for Il Nonno to pass him and he would have lost less time in that fight as they weren’t fighting for position.

    Drivers must understand that blue flag doesn’t mean “get out of the way because whoever is behind you must pass now”, it only applies when you are about to lap someone who is slower than you, not when someone who is clearly faster than you has just unlapped himself. Lapped drivers have to try to avoid interfering with drivers on the lead lap as much as possible, but if they are clearly faster unlapping is allowed if they do it in a safe way.

    No penalty issued to Il Nonno.