Fun racing League 2010 – Scirocco


…I had a dream. Racing (On February 2010) with VW Scirocco!

2 months – 9 races – almost all Liveforspeed tracks


  1. Samppa says:

    I had a dream too. I saw a small league race or just qualify fun before the scirocco! =)

  2. Logan 5 Logan 5 says:

    It takes a nice gift for February….Scirocco …Scirocco :)

  3. Yann says:

    February 2010? That’s being optimistic I would say :)

    More seriously, any ideas for a back up in case it doesn’t come in time?

  4. Logan 5 Logan 5 says:

    Propose F08, RB4, or XFR at any circuit

  5. Zaurac says:

    Every car and track is ok to me. They are all new to me anyways. Im familiar only with this lx4 and mrt from last month :)
    Ok.. maybe I prefer RWD(or 4WD) cars over FWD, I just dont like understeering cars…
    Oh.. and happy new year everyone. 1 hour left of year 2009 here… gotta go find if I have any beer left o-0

  6. Masato [KR] Masato says:

    Good car XFR. :)