Fun Racing League FXO trophy set new World records

In case you didnt notice that, about the current trophy:

1. WE1, World Record my [ ] Rider
2. FE2r, WR by Imol
3. KY3, WR by [GVR] VChris

Three races, three WR’s. It’s the first time for Fun Racing League trophies, but maybe also for other (minor) leagues. ;)


  1. Lysergic Lysergic says:

    Yessss! Great! :D

  2. WlayCo WlayCo says:

    Respect! \o/

  3. conte okre says:

    VERY GREAT!!!!!

  4. vourliotis vourliotis says:

    Well done! FRL is a competitive league with very fast drivers and top quality races :)

  5. Przemo95 says:

    WE1, World Record my [ ] Rider

    Are u sure that Rider is yours? :)

  6. Rider says:

    Ups bad option :)
    Please update.
    KY3, WR by RIder

  7. vourliotis vourliotis says:

    Yeah… with clutch pack… You can call yourself a cheater. Can you beat this without cheat?

  8. migf1 says:

    Basically, any wr done without AC does not deserve respect, because it’s not clear whether it was done legitimately or by using a macro.

    Back in my days, there was some kind of sporting code amongst top hot-lappers that only wr with AC are to be respected. The forum topic explaining the unfair advantage is this one:

    I remember Worm and Arco got so frustrated at the time with those non-AC drivers that they deleted completely all their hotlaps from LFSWorld.

    Back in those days, anyone making a wr without AC, he was not accepted by the top lfs racers in the community. He was pretty much treated like a cheater by the elite.

    Just my 2 cents :)

  9. fallen fallen says:

    Hey guys.That supposed to be a happy think about world records.Dont care about all the cheaters out there.