FXO – Fern Bay Green rev race results

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Results and replays on SPDO Eventsdb: http://www.spdoracing.com/eventdb/event/2649/overview


  1. WlayCo WlayCo says:

    Well i am almost satisfied. Quali were good enough for someone who is driving on mouse (Yann can confirm that our results are good for this combo:) ) Race 1 also was good for me, i have managed to overtake Yann on race start and to keep the position until the end. Race 2 started normally but after few laps IMOL was behind me. What i don’t understand is why you were presing the horn all the time? I was guarding my position all the time normally. I heard that you manage to mess other people race too… Stop pressing the horn when you are behing someone. That + kicking at my rear and at start-finish straight caused me to flip… Please explain what you were trying to tell us there. Explain it to me to RRT-Crni and to AMT-Vule too…?

  2. vourliotis vourliotis says:

    Grats to Nasseli & CRNI for the wins :-)

    To overtake someone you need to be fast, to overtake at FE2r with FXO you need balls, to overtake CRNI, Vule, Wlayco at FE2r with FXO…. you need BIG balls…
    Horn doesnt helps to win a race…

  3. vule vule says:

    I’m sorry I’ve had to cancel. I enjoyed the race with you. You are very fast, but too aggressive. Sometimes you should use the brake. I made a mistake, and I could not otherwise react. Do you only use the brakes a bit …. :( The one we could bend both pass.

    I believe that the KY3 will run faster and be better than me. I wish you a good race and good fun. :)