Here we go

We are ready again for another season of fun races!

New website (now with focus on events).
New results and ladders pages (here) with a lot of old trophies (almost all) results.
New qualification system: the pre-qualification will determine who can race, while the starting grid will be determined by a qualifying session of 15 minutes before the race.
The League will start on March 24th with a Special Event: FOX on Westhill Int. rev.
The new trophy will start on April and the duration will be two months, 4 races.

My thanks to Yann Laprevotte and [GVRc] Chris for the help given to the Fun racing League to continue and improve.

We hope for a enthusiastic participation by all.

Any suggestion or comment, positive or negative, will be appreciated.


  1. vourliotis vourliotis says:

    Well done!
    The new site is beautiful and i like also the new qualification system.

    I made 50 laps and i must tell that i like the combo.
    Its a fast track :)

    My pleasure to help and i hope many drivers will join the new events.

  2. Lysergic lysergic says:

    I simply want to remind everyone that the Fun Racing League has a year and more than 30 events of experience. Beware of imitations

    :) :)

  3. makakazo makakazo says:

    Cool! I like the 15 mins quali session, but I hope that that doesn’t drag the races for too long.

    I suggest that you sort the results page the opposite as it is now, with the latest trophies and races on top and the oldest on the bottom.

    I’d like to talk to the admins about collaborations and ideas. We are an experienced team with more than 4 years and we can help with some tasks. If you are interested contact me at lfsforum via private mail

  4. numbertwo says:

    I’m happy that you guys went for another FOX event, its been a long time since there was one. cya on starting grid :P

  5. fallen fallen says:

    Well done boys.All of you are great guys givving us a nice racing league.

  6. «SS»Cleg «SS»Cleg says:

    good job, Nice to see you return, and of course always good to have Fox racing

  7. Logan 5 Logan 5 says:

    very well oh yeahhh!!!

  8. Marek Marek says:

    Good guys … the qualification before the race is what it takes to make the competition more interesting ….. beautiful the average of the 10 fastest laps in prequalification …. would be nice not to press shift + p during the 15 minutes of qualifying … but this is my opinion! Keep it up … Ciaoooo!