Introducing the FBM June Trophy!

The Fun Racing League comes back to one race per week for the next Trophy, that will feature the FBM and will be held during June, starting the 2nd.

This is the full calendar:

NOTE: For this Trophy the races will be held on TUESDAYS instead of wednesdays as usual.

The Fun Racing League FBM skin available for download.

FBM skin size: 150.38 kB - type: jpg - downloaded 1474 times


  1. «SS»Cleg «SS»Cleg says:

    Hi, Great choice of car for June – but why the change to Tuesdays – now you clash directly with League France, so we can no longer do both?

  2. makakazo makakazo says:

    On wednesdays we clash with *a lot* of leagues, so we want to experiment with tuesdays and see if the attendance growths. If for the first races there are less drivers than expected we will probably go back to wednesdays, I guess.

  3. TIMO1992 says:

    Ya great car and great tracks, i am really lookin’ forward to driving in this league!