FBM@WE1 Just, wow

Parker1993 Vs. Vito-[SLO]

He went off the track but rather than stay off track after the chicane in S3 he decided to cut back onto track and take about 4 cars out and leave me stranded and leaving me 3rd from last and then lose all grip on tyres and resulting in retirement.

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  1. dino.pace FRL Marshalls says:

    Few and wrongs info submitted for this complaint. Wrong name of guilty driver: [RTS] Vito was not involved in any incident with Parker1993. However Parker1993, besides having committed a driving error, has insulted another driver. In our league is not allowed this behavior.
    [RTS] Vito: No penalty.
    T.Parker: One race suspension for insulting in the chat during race and for the bad behaviour during all race.