MRT Sept 2010 – Fern Bay Gold results

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  1. Feuerdrache FireDragon says:

    And the Vettel Award of the race goes to …. …. Publicenemy!

    Without it, I would probably have fighted for the win despite my two spins. :/
    Anyway, Congratulations to Rudolf.

  2. Radzieoon Radzieoon says:

    This race was so good. Thx to some people for ruining the fun. Besides I think there should be restarts after so massive crashes. Whatever, I’m done with this league for some time.

  3. Rider says:

    Very very good race. Gained 30 positions.

  4. eliajanineh eliajanineh says:

    Nice race xD
    How can i get the replay of the race ?