MRT – SO5R race results

Results are here:

Extended race stats here.

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  1. Logan 5 Logan 5 says:

    Very great race! Compliments for all:)

  2. nonnino65 nonnino65 says:

    Yeah great combo very fantastic compliments for all aveeeee lol

  3. vourliotis vourliotis says:

    Well done to everyone!
    Clean race and we enjoy it :)

    Congrats all, cya at next race :)

  4. «SS»Cleg «SS»Cleg says:

    It was a great combo but all to short for me. As is often the case i received a small nudge from a racer (racing incident, not deliberate) and i ended up nose into the wall and my race was over :(

    Could you implement (for MTR races) the use of car reset? some servers allow you to reset but as a penalty you receive an automatic stop go penalty. That is enough to discourage people using it but enables you to carry on racing instead of the race being over for you (and that is not fun)

  5. Feuerdrache FireDragon says:

    Thanks for the race! :) Was able to control the pace from the beginning and steadily extend the gap to my closest follower [SR] DUi.

    Slowly I’m beginning to like SO5r.^^

    • Costash says:

      Was a good race for me except of my place on the grid which it should be 11 th not 24 th.I don t know what happend but what it is important is I ve finished acceptable.