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Grats to the trophy winner: CoRe FireDragon

MRT Trophy 2010 results and final standings:

Extended stats:

Race 1

Race 2


  1. conte okre says:

    dissatisfaction for both races

  2. papax says:

    Thanks to FRL for that awesome Trophy. Personally i would like to have more MRT-Trophys ;-)
    Also many thanks to all racers for really fair but hard races. Grats to FireDragon and Dui for the Trophy-podium.

  3. Feuerdrache FireDragon says:

    Well, first I want to apolgize for the mayhem I produced in the second lap of the final race. I hitted the back of [RTS] ET which caused me to loose control of my car and finally hit into the cars next to me. Sorry to all. :/

    But thanks to DUi for the nice fight in the first sprint race. You were faster, but luckily I could hold you behind me. Also thanks to the admins for running this nice championship/league.

    Last but not least, Congratulations to Papax for his race win/3rd place in the standings and [SR] DUi for 2nd in the championship. :-)

  4. vourliotis vourliotis says:

    Okre you were unlucky man :(
    The combo was excellent, as the trophy also :)

    FireDragon… yep, very bad move but… sh*t happens…

    Congrats to all drivers and FRL for the event :)

  5. TDR-Ice PLZ-Ice says:

    I love MRT and FRL. Thanks for the experience. Congratulation to all drivers

  6. Radzieoon Radzieoon says:

    I couldn’t drive last 2 events but more mrt trophys in the future would be great. :D