FBM @ SO6R: Not Fair Play

jorgifumi Vs. predrag

Lap 9, first corner before the bridge, predrag ignores the blue blag, did not let me pass and close my way pushing me to the wall… race over for me…

One Comment

  1. makakazo FRL Marshalls says:

    After having lapped Predrag, four cars were fighting for position. Predrag got unnecessarily involved into that fight and apparently lost sight of jorgifumi who was side by side with him.

    Predrag didn’t let jorgifumi pass and closed his way in the fast left corner, which ended in a big crash that made both jorgifumi and predrag retire.

    This is a severe incident. The accident caused alone is worth a DSQ or harder penalty as he caused two retirements. The fact that he was being lapped ensues further penalty.

    Decision: DSQ + pitlane start for his next race + one probation race

    All penalties except DSQ will apply to his next race.

    – DSQ: Already applied to the SO6R race, as he abandoned.
    – Pitlane start for his next race: Predrag won’t be allowed to take part in hardcore qualifying in his next race, and will have to start from pits. He won’t join the track/grid until after the starting lights for the race have gone green.
    – One probation race: Predrag showed below par behaviour concerning basic rules, like blue flag and always letting space for another car. His next race will be completely reviewed by marshalls. If he fails to show good on-track behaviour he will receive further penalties and his probation period will be extended.