Notes about hardcore quali

This week we had again some unusual circumstances in hardcore quali and people didn’t know how to react. First of all, SR|bLB exited pits in wrong direction, crashing into [Q3]Guiouton and causing a bit of a mess in the pitlane. Also, a driver was asking if he could enter the pits to change his setup because he was on race setup, and he was still in his box, not running on the track. Guiouton knew the rule and entered pits to repair the damage and then exited again. Xcite C.Kistner didn’t know the rule and decided to do the quali on race setup to not risk it.

Well, all of this has a clear answer in the welcome message of Event Control, which you see when you connect to the server, and you can also read it again using the commands !ehelp or !erules.

I’ll copy here the text I’m refering to:

Event Control is a tool used for directing races.
At each restart the kind of session will be announced.
During HARDCORE quali sessions Shift+P or spectating
is NOT allowed once you exit the pitlane for the first time.
You can telepit BEFORE exiting the pitlane though
. During
SOFT quali sessions telepit and spectating is allowed.

Race Director messages will be shown in the chat. Read them
carefully and follow the instructions given.”

OK, so the answer to everything is that you can enter pits to change set or to repair damage BEFORE you exit the pitlane FOR THE FIRST TIME. In case someone crashed into you right when you were exiting you can enter pits and exit again with a brand new car and no damage. Also, if you forgot to change your setup you can enter pits and change it. BUT BE CAREFUL! This can only be done before exiting the pitlane for the first time. Once you exit the pitlane you will see a white message on your screen saying “Spectating or shift+P NOT allowed now”. This message won’t disappear for the rest of the session, meaning that from that point on you can’t enter boxes. After that you can only make pitstops to change wheels, fuel load, repair damage and do the changes to the setup that the F12 menu allows, but you can’t enter boxes to change your setup or repair damage faster.

You just have to remember this rule:
– If you DON’T see the white message saying “Spectating or shift+P NOT allowed now” then you CAN enter boxes and change setup.
– If you see that message then you CAN’T enter boxes, you can only do realistic pitstops.

Simple as that.


  1. bLb says:

    Sorry again for the mess up guys :(

  2. kiste says:

    thanks for clearing this rule. Was my first time in the FRL so i dont know that i could rejoin if i not exit the pits. :)

  3. «SS»Dan says:

    keep plugging away guys! HardCore qual is great.