RB4 trophy – AS2 sprint – protest


– RB4 @ AS2.
– Race 2.
– Lap 10, after first corner, entering the chicane.
– Short description: LUDI OBRENKO and Costash make contact and Costash spins losing 6 positions.


“If you can see in the replay lap 10 after the first corner ending the straight coming from start /finish in the second one the shicane I leave space for SS Cleg in front of me and I been hit from the back turning in the shicane by RRT/Ludi Obrenko how ruin my race .I been driving alot and fair play and try overtake where is posible not where is not and causing chaos.I been experienced till end of the race couple of this.

Well, I m kin too see the result of this complaint!”

One Comment

  1. makakazo FRL Marshalls says:

    The FRL marshalls have studied this protest with the following result:

    General considerations:

    – Drivers must avoid contact at all times.
    – When two or more cars are fighting for positions they have a slightly slower pace than usual.
    – The driver coming from behind has the best global view of the situation and is responsible for the contact unless the car/cars in front is/are driving in an erratic or unpredictable way.
    – When a driver causes or suspects that may have caused a racing incident, he must safely wait for all the damaged parties to rejoin the race behind them, so no advantage is gained from that incident.

    Drivers involved:

    Costash: He goes side by side into the chicane with SS>>Cleg, leaving enough space and with an adecuate speed. His behaviour and his racing line are both correct. He suddenly sees himself spinning sideways for no apparent reason.

    L.Obrenko: He is taking the corner as you would normally do when you are driving alone, he is using a “fast” racing line. He gradually closes the gap until at certain point he makes contact with Costash. When he gets closer to Costash he doesn’t brake or releases the gas pedal to avoid contact, he goes full throttle during the whole corner. He doesn’t wait for Costash after the incident.


    Costash spins due to a side collision. He loses 6 positions. No significant car damage perceived from the spin.


    Considering all the circumstances mentioned above, the marshalls consider that Obrenko should have tried to avoid contact, but he didn’t. He was coming from behind and had the responsability for not touching any of the cars in front. He didn’t try to brake and he didn’t wait for Costash. He is responsible for the incident.

    Penalty given to LUDI OBRENKO:

    – Causing an incident with more than 5 positions loss to the opponent: 15 seconds to his finishing time.(*)

    (*) As this is a sprint race (half the length of usual races) and as Costash only lost about 8 seconds in the incident, we decide that the penalty will be 15 seconds instead of 30 as the rules say.