RB4 Tournament Rules (Updated!)

First, the new rules

Qualification (15 minutes just before race)

We decided to prohibit the use of Shift+P and Shift+S in what we call a “hardcore qualifying session”. This serves to add realism to the race. This functionality is provided by an InSim application called “Qual Control” designed specifically for this purpose for the Fun Racing League. It’s still experimental and some issues may arise as it is the first time we are going to use it. Please bear with it and report any bugs you may notice!

The setup of the car must be configured before the session, and can not be changed until the end of qualifying.

If you need to change the trim of your car (fuel, tyres…), you have to finish the lap, drive into the pitlane, set changes by pressing the F12 key, and then you can stop in the pits on the pitch.

Shift+P and Shift+S are not allowed: if you use these you can not get back on track because these commands end your qualify session. You will see messages on screen with information telling you if you can use shift+p or not.

Disconnecting from the server and reconnecting isn’t allowed either. You can’t trick the system by disconnecting and reconnecting after using Shift+P, but if you arrive late then you are still allowed to join the qualify session.


– If you flip your car or it’s heavily damaged, then you MUST use Shift+P or Shift+S to leave the track so you don’t interfere with other people. You won’t be able to rejoin the track again, but you won’t lose your grid position as your best qual time remains valid. Be careful not to crash because it could mean the end of your qualify session!

- You can use Shift+P before you exit the pitlane for the first time. This is useful in case that you chose the wrong setup or surpassed the speed limit in pits. Once you exit the pitlane you will see a white message saying “No spectating or Shift+P allowed now”. From that moment on you won’t be allowed to enter boxes or spectators, so be careful not to receive any penalty after that.


      Race will start 1 minute after the end of the quals. No end race, simply restart. No Lag Lap. No chat during race. No midrace join allowed after 1st lap. Obviously… no reset.

      Please read all rules here: http://frl.race4fun.it/rules/en-rules