RB4 Trophy – Round 2 results / comments / protests

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Costash against LUDI OBRENKO

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  1. Logan 5 Logan 5 says:

    Very very fun kombo! Compliments for all and compliments at CRNI and Maka!

  2. mike1976 says:

    was really good fun (good race conte). seems like a lot of people qualifying and not turning up for race – good for me this week.

  3. makakazo makakazo says:

    Compliments at CRNI and me but the guys who has won overall are my teammate SpeedXP and Yann! They deserved it with two podiums in two solid and consistent races with no mistakes. We have to work on a table to show the overall results of sprint races, adding up points of both races.

    My race was very fun, I didn’t like the combo at the beginning but it proved to be very entertaining. But it was also dangerous and I was involved in a big incident in the first race – first lap :( Anyway, it was a lot of fun.

    Sorry for the trouble in quali. And some people need to start reading the rules that explain hardcore quali! :)

  4. Lysergic Lysergic says:

    The races were fun but … my job as an administrator was the worst I have ever. I ask again apologize to everyone. The qualifications have been restarted because I accidentally pressed a button assigned to a “macro”.

    Even sending mail with the password did not work as usual: (

  5. makakazo makakazo says:

    Bad things:
    – There were problems with the password email and in quali.
    – Some people don’t seem to understand the hardcore quali system, but that is totally their fault for not reading the rules, and it was already the third time we were using it (second time with insim).
    – Some people keep using the chat during quali and races

    Good things:
    – Following the spirit of the league, people took it easy and didn’t complain much about the troubles and the decisions taken, and in the end the races took place and the drivers enjoyed it.
    – There were 31 drivers in both races.
    – The insim worked well again.

    PS: Please I’d like to have the quali replay. If someone had autosave on and has it please upload it somewhere :)

    • Costash says:

      I don t see any fair play in this race and I don t see any penalties for racers driving like in destruction derby not in race!If the race work out for 10 people this does mean evrything was fun.It was like on a usual online server were you can find diverse kind of drivers from here resulting alot of crashes and no fair play!I understand guys you are interested in publicity but I don t know if I am gonna try to race here if you don t doo something about in race rules and penalties.THX!

      • makakazo makakazo says:

        There’s a form to fill in complaints in the “RULES” section. Here’s the direct link:

        If you don’t fill a complaint how do you expect penalties? The races are not watched over as admins also participate in them. This is the spirit of the league, everybody involved can participate.

        Of course, if you had any trouble during the race don’t stay silent, use the complaints section and race marshalls will study it and make the decision public.

        If there’s one thing we don’t want is dirty racers in the league, but we aren’t going to watch everybody’s race in the replay to find out bad on-track behaviour, we expect drivers themselves to fill in protests.

        Thanks for reporting. I’m going to place a link the complaints form in this post because maybe there’s more people who don’t know that it’s there.

      • makakazo makakazo says:

        Marshalls have studied your protest, check the link above in the main post.

  6. «SS»Cleg «SS»Cleg says:

    Very good race. Love the hardcore Quali. Racing was very tight and for the most part very enjoyable. Some very fair driving – congrats to all the Gentlemen drivers – you know who you are :)

    Good that all the racers who turned up got to race, shame you cant run group a and b split between servers like some other popular leagues do.

    • ludi obrenko ludi obrenko says:

      nice race! :) I have not had enough time to train this combo. I did not understand the rules of qualification.I have no recording of qualifications, but it seems that some drivers may go to the garage or disconnected from the server and to return to the track to drive qualification.l driving for three years, and last night, duels with Cleg were one of the best I have had, more than 50% of the race it was bumper to the bumper, a couple of times it was contact, and I take this opportunity to apologize for that, sorry for the poor English:) (I used google translate hahaha) see you on the track :)

      • makakazo makakazo says:

        I’m interested in what you said about people rejoining in qualifying as I made the insim.

        I’d like to check the replay, but I think that you were misled because you saw messages “DRIVER exited pits” and thought that they were rejoining the track, but they are sent to spectators automatically right away. The only thing is that you don’t see any message in the chat announcing that those racers are being sent back to spectators.

        Anyway, if I get ahold of the replay I’ll check it ;)

  7. makakazo makakazo says:

    @Cleg: We are thinking about having two servers, but for that we would need at least 50 qualified drivers. In this race we had 48 drivers who “supposedly” got the password and only 31 showed up, so there’s no point in having a second pool if we don’t fill even just one!

    The only counterpart to the second would be that it wouldn’t be an official race, as the current system is not prepared for that, so no points would be given to drivers in the B pool. Anyway, they would have the insim available to control hardcore quali and all the required commands to do auto-reverse top8 and eveything.