RB4 Trophy – Round 3 results / comments

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  1. makakazo makakazo says:

    I’m very disappointed about this race. This wasn’t the result I deserved after working so hard. Damn ventrilo…

    I had an incident with my teammate during the pitstop. I announced him I was going in but ventrilo added +- 5 seconds lag to my voice and when he heard it he was already trying to pass me on my right. We had to brake and pit at the same time and I hit the wall damaging my rear left tyre so bad that I had to pit again to repair after a couple of laps. Then I was going for the 3rd position in the last lap and some lapped drivers and my own bad driving made me lose it as well. I’m so so disappointed :-(

    This was a clear 1-2 for Q3 and the stupid ventrilo misunderstanding messed it all grrrrrrr

    The pitstop move was very spectacular though, check it in the replay ;-)

  2. MTnRunnr says:

    I am usually very understanding, because I make bad moves at times myself. «SS»Mike nearly took me out around lap 7 (somehow I did not get the replay, so I cannot look) just after the T5 chicane, when he left the track and jumped back on. Then kamakasi into T1 and caused me 3 positions. Just want people to take care and not ruin someone elses race. At least give back the position, mistakes do happen.

  3. makakazo makakazo says:

    A couple of aclarations to situations that happened during hard quali:

    – < >Cleg lost connection and couldn’t rejoin after that. That is done like that on purpose for several reasons. Once you exit the pitlane you can’t rejoin the track, even if you disconnect or lose connection. If your connection fails and you are already on track it is considered to be a “virtual” mechanical problem in your car. It’s like if in F1 a driver has a mechanical failure during Q1 and can’t continue, it’s not your fault, but you can’t do anything about it. It’s also the same thing if you lose connection during the race, it’s not your fault, but you are out. This is realistic and prevents people from cheating by faking losing connection to have a second chance and change the car setup.

    – [AD]Jankes crashed and flipped his car over. In that situation you are out, you can’t ask other drivers to rescue you. The correct behaviour is to spectate or go to pits as soon as possible, so you don’t interfere with the rest of the drivers. Of course after that you can’t rejoin the track again.

    The insim seems to be working fine and it looks like people have finally gotten used to hard quali.

    • «SS»Cleg «SS»Cleg says:

      Understand about the lost connection in HQ. it is very frustrating when you haven’t set a lap, but I agree with theory. Despite that i still like the hard qualifying