RB4 Trophy – Round 1 results / comments

All infos about this event:

Please leave your comments about this round! Specially we would like to hear about the qualifying system. Did you like it? Did you find any bug or something you didn’t like in the insim?


  1. makakazo [Q3] makakazo says:

    Nice race! The car is a pain in the ass though, it was hard to make a race setup for this combo, I spent most of the time driving on burnt rubber.

    The insim worked fine for me, but there were some people who didn’t understand its workings, as they did Shift+P early and tried to rejoin the track time after time to get sent to spectators. I say there was enough info about the new system, but maybe they didn’t read it.

  2. Lysergic lysergic says:

    Also for me it was a good race despite my final result. It was fun, with lots of overtaking and battles.
    The burning tires were a problem for everyone.
    The insim for the quali worked very good :)

  3. makakazo [Q3] makakazo says:

    I have checked the quali replay, and out of 30 people only 2 got stuck into the boxes trying to rejoin the track receiving the “invalid rejoin” message. That means that most of the people understood the system and did it right. And I guess those two will do it right the next time :)

    But I wonder if people behaved corretcly giving way to the drivers on fast laps and stuff. Anyway, with 30 people in a 1:35 track, it’s always hard to have free way!

  4. Jadran Jadran says:

    I got massage “No spectate or Shift + P allowed now” and go to pit with Shift + P after when I wanted join to quali got massage “invalid rejoin” !

    • makakazo [Q3] makakazo says:

      It is pretty self explanatory. “No spectate or Shift + P allowed now” means that you can’t go to pits or spectate. If you used Shift+P after that message appears then you cannot rejoin the track until qualifying is finished. Everything is well explained here:

      • Jadran Jadran says:

        My english is not to good :) ,I see “allowed now” :)
        Did I for this reason and disqualified from the race?

      • makakazo [Q3] makakazo says:

        Jadran you don’t disqualified from qualify. Only that once you do shift+p you can’t continue doing more laps. I’ll look the race replay, you are not disqualified in the results, just DNF (did not finish)

  5. conte okre says:

    I enjoyed it very much, qualifying went well starting in 4th position.
    My first lap was a tragedy, after a few turns from the start of a low contact me around and I find myself in late position and allotment at the end of first lap I am Kimble stopped in the middle of the track and take it in full! ( reviewing the replay Kimble was not very fair because it goes off track and fall regardless of who comes collision with another driver and then again immediately return slow in the trajectory ignoring the other drivers coming)
    After I started my comeback doing a lot of overtaking and having a great enjoy

    • Kimble Kimble says:

      Sorry okre ruining your race. My virus control took control and my car gone where it wanted a few seconds. Unfortunately there was a new version of program uploaded a day before and I hadn’t noticed to take on silent/gaming mode and for my surprise pop-up -window came during the race at very bad time.
      Big thanks for people who made it possible to continue this great racing serie. Qualifying is very nice now too.

  6. vourliotis vourliotis says:

    My race was very good and i am very happy for the 4th place :)
    The combo was difficult but this is the magic.

    The new qualification system is excellent! Specially now that is handled by insim (well done Makakazo!).
    Its a bit professional the new system and make us be more careful (and at race).

    Congruts to CRNI for the victory and also to all drivers, specially all that did respect the blue flag (i think all the drivers did).

    Clean race! Well done guys!

  7. makakazo [Q3] makakazo says:

    I have checked and the results are wrong. Many people appear as DNF but they actually finished the race. It should be looked over.

  8. Marek Marek says:

    Very nice page with details of the event …track and prequalification …. would be helpful anothere voice for the comments …. absence or comments on the race track …… etcc

    • makakazo [Q3] makakazo says:

      Good suggestion, we’ll see if something can be done to add comments to the event page ;-)