Special event notes and rules

Important: Notify us if You cannot partecipate tonight: other racers are waiting for a free slot (leave a comment on the site)

Only the fastest 32 racers received server password and will be admitted to the race. (first 3 runners up can be called before 21.35 if there are free slots)
All drivers must be on the server before 21.25 C.E.T. If there will be on the server more than 32 racers, latecomers will not be admitted.

This event introduces some new rules and race procedures

  • The grid will be determined by 15 minutes of qualification session just before the race
  • No SHIFT+P allowed during qual: You must complete your lap and go to pit, then You can re-join qual
  • After the quals no end race: 1 minute pause and start
  • No call for the grid and no midrace join
  • First race will be 15 laps with NO mandatory pit stop and no car reset allowed
  • After the end of first race: 5 minutes pause
  • Second race will start with reversed grid for the first 8 positions
  • Drivers retired on first race will start from the bottom
  • Respect “yellow lines” (white in this track) entering and exiting pit
  • No chat during qual and race

This event is also a “test” event for the future of the league.
There will be many new drivers . Also for this reason, there may be little problems that we hope you will forgive

- 21.25 UTC+1 (always the same time)
- Race directors: Lysergic, Yann, Makakazo

SERVER PASSWORD: sent by mail to 32 faster racers + 2 runners up: they will be reserves.