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  1. Yann says:

    I enjoyed this event quite a lot. Love driving road cars on wide and long tracks!

  2. Maurizio N. says:

    It was a fantastic race and i have a lot of fun.
    I am completely satisfied whit my race because this was my first official race whit the Lx4.
    Congratulation to unified»b0rn and CR|troy

  3. -shaolin- says:

    First race for me in this league, but unfortunately internet connection failed me. I must say it’s a great league, drivers are respectful with each other, fun to drive!!!

    EER Urmas.T

  4. Lysergic Lysergic says:

    I was really enjoing the race when I got disconnected :(
    I’m happy to see that lot drivers were fast and all clean. Fair races are fun. Thankyou to all FRL members to make this possible.

  5. makakazo makakazo says:

    I’m unhappy I couldn’t make it to the race. I didn’t complete the pre-qual laps on time, but in the end I couldn’t have made it on time to the race so I had no chance to participate whatsoever… :-( I’m glad anyway that people enjoyed the race and there were 21 finishers which is a good number for this time of the year ;-)

  6. MarcisZ says:

    Great race! Thanks to organizers, hope there will be a lot of great competitions in new season :) Good luck.