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  1. Marek Marek says:

    All very nice … but in my opinion 1 minute break between qualy and race1 …. and 5 minutes between race 1 and race 2 are too short … the race should be an opportunity to have fun .. . In addition to its success I believe things are made quieter … not a criticism just a suggestion … Ciaoooo

    PS It would be nice also to have a teamspeak server for the race … maybe divided by teams …è vero anche che se mia nonna avesse le ruote sarebbe na carrozza…!!
    Grazie di tutto ragazzi!

    PS2 Tonight I’m not sure of being able to run …. if not I write here! i’m sorry a lot … good race!

    • makakazo [Q3] makakazo says:

      The breaks proved to be adecuate. After quali there was a brief break to prepare the race setup and go! And after the first race there was another brief break to sort out the reversed top8. It’s enough, longer breaks just lead to people getting anxious and losing concentration.

  2. sermilan sermilan says:

    My God, what a nightmare of a quali…
    Didn’t get the message that SHIFT+P wouldn’t be allowed nor I checked the site before the race, so found out about that 10 secs after quali started from Lysergic’s chat message…
    I had R1s and fuel for two laps only… decided to pit, put 15% fuel, change to R2s and just do fast 5-6 laps…

    However, being a pit disaster wizzard, I managed to mess up the set as well, without knowing what I did, to try to correct it…

    Went out and spun on the fast chicane and crashed at the wall, destroying car’s suspension, so another pit… forgot to turn off refueling, so put another 15% of fuel…

    Went out again, in-lap, entered the new lap and made a mistake and did a crappy lap… next lap, did fine but caught a slower driver in the 2nd sector who refused to back off and we started racing resulting in contact and me spun off again… tires red hot… the clock is ticking… decided to go for the lap without entering pit, but tires were just undrivable, so I decided to pit and change them (this time turned off refueling)…
    Went out, in-lap, entered the quali lap about 25 secs before quali ended on 26th place and finally did a decent lap, but was so pissed with the whole thing…

    I heard a lot of drivers did SHIFT+P during quali. Don’t think they should be penalized, probably didn’t know about the new rule on time.

    Great racing, as always :) . All the duels I had were extremely fair, so thumbs up for everyone!

    @makakazo – I want your race set :)

    • makakazo [Q3] makakazo says:

      My set was a slight modification to setupgrid’s sprint setup. I changed the differential to make it easier to drive. I saw people all the time having a hard time controlling their cars while I could basically stomp on the throttle and just focus on steering.

      I’ll give it to you (and anyone) when I see you online ;)

  3. Yann says:

    Need the quali replay to upload it on the Events Database, could anyone give it to me?

    • administrator administrator says:

      :( Mine is “incomplete”

    • sermilan sermilan says:

      Here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jnzzjhgtemn/FRL WE1R quali.mpr

      Being asked for opinion on special event…
      The only thing that went wrong was not informing people well on last minute changes.
      I really had a nightmare of a quali just because I didn’t know about no SHIFT+P rule.

      Furthermore, RRT Crni was the fastest in quali, but performed miserably in the races just because he didn’t know about change in LAG LAP rule. He didn’t put much of a resistance, nor he was troubled when finished off the track, was just waiting patiently for the restart… which never came.

      In my opinion, you should’ve put infos on (i think is called) admin message. Write on the middle of the screen “NO SHIFT+P IN QUALI” before quali starts and “NO LAG LAP” before race starts.

      I got the e-mail with race info and I planned according to that and found out for the changes too late.

      Otherwise, it’s ok. Splitting race in two is ok, brings more duels.
      Good job, all in all :)

  4. conte okre says:


    a me è piaciuto tanto la combo e anche l’idea di fare due gare sprint con le posizioni invertite (invece di 8 si potrebbe anche fare 11).
    Nella seconda gara ci si diverte di più perche ci si trova a lottare e fare più sorpassi ed è questo l’obbiettivo della Fun Racing League cioè divertirsi!!!

    Per quanto rigurada lo Shift-P durante le qualifiche il server dovrebbe mettere spettatore chi lo usa oppure far usare lo Shift-P, si darebbe una mano ai piloti meno esperti

    Complimenti agli Admin per il lavoro che stanno facendo per la Fun Racing League

    translate…. :-)


    I liked both the combo and also the idea of two sprint races with the positions reversed (instead of 8 you could also do 11).
    In the second race we have more fun because you are fighting and do more overtaking, and this is the goal of Fun Racing League that is fun!

    With inquiries concerning the Shift-P during qualifying the server should put the viewer who uses or to use the Shift-P, would give a hand to less experienced drivers

    Compliments to the Admin for the work they are doing for the Fun Racing League

  5. Marek Marek says:

    I was wondering if you thought to renew the point system … to make the league more competitive you might assign points to all who pass the finish line .. in order to limit retire in the middle of race and …. then maybe you could assign points less detachment so that the championship remains open until the end …. just a thought … I hope they are like … Ciaooooo!