RB4@WE1R: SS>>Dan

Jankes Vs. SS>>Dan (TheRivieraKid)

He’s driving very aggressively. On lap 2 he made two mistakes, There was a huge crash after one of his faults. Once he pushed AMT Vule on the grass and didn’t lift off the gas, and his second fault he tried to overtake R4F Freestyle in the middle of the corner and he made major accident finally (3 cars took part in it).

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  1. makakazo FRL Marshalls says:

    The FRL marshalls have studied this protest with the following result:

    General considerations:

    – Drivers must avoid contact at all times.
    – The driver coming from behind has the best global view of the situation and is responsible for the contact unless the car/cars in front is/are driving in an erratic or unpredictable way.
    – Drivers who see a car spinning in front or a yellow flag sign must take all precautions needed to avoid crashing.

    First incident: SS-DAN & AMT-Vule

    Drivers involved:

    AMT-Vule (Vule): He takes the corner normally. Right behaviour.

    SS-Dan (TheRivieraKid): He takes a faster line and so his entry speed is faster than Vule’s. He makes contact in the apex of the corner bumping Vule in the back. He should have avoided contact.


    Vule receives a small bump but doesn’t get any damage or loses significant time or momentum. Dan gets off track briefly.


    Dan should have avoided contact, but the action didn’t cause any significant damage to Vule or any other driver. Dan is issued a warning for this action.

    Second incident: ss-Dan, R4F-Freestyle and others

    Drivers involved:

    R4F-Freestyle (freestylei974): He takes the chicane normally. Right behaviour.

    SS-Dan (TheRivieraKid): He takes a faster line and tries to overtake Freestyle on the inside. He miscalculates the maneuver and hits Freestyle in the back spinning after the contact. He tries to control the car and his action under spinning are not wrong, steering to try to get the car out of the line. Other cars crash into him.

    Other drivers: Other drivers coming from behind crash into Dan. They don’t take the right actions under yellow flag conditions. They should have slowed down earlier when they saw Dan’s car spinning out of control. Instead of this, they go full throttle and only ease up when it’s too late to avoid contact.


    Because of the aforementioned contact Freestyle loses momentum under acceleration losing ground to the cars in front and getting caught by the cars behind, who eventually overtook him.


    Again, Dan should have avoided contact and this time the action caused damage to Freestyle. The lack of situation awareness by Dan in this action shows us that he must take it easier. Dan is issued a +10 seconds penalty for this action.

    Also, we remind the rest of the drivers involved that when there’s a car spinning in the track it’s their responsibility to avoid crashing into him, and they should have been more careful.

    Penalty given to SS-Dan (TheRivieraKid)

    - Bumping into another car during a corner, no significant damage caused: Warning.
    – Causing an incident with º-1 positions loss to the opponent: 10 seconds to his finishing time.